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  1. Hi Stefany. I have had two rounds of sculptra injections. In the beginning of October I had 3cc and then in November I had another 3cc's. My doc suggests that I have three treatments. I go for my last treatment January 14th. So far I have not seen any improvement. I am kinda discouraged, but my doc says that the full improvement can take up to six months to be seen. Can you tell me a little more about your experiences. I am very happy with my skin, except for my right cheek area. I
  2. Today I went in for Sculptra Injections. My face is a bit swollen and bruised, but time will tell. I need three treatments which are spaced 4 weeks apart. I only paid $275. The doctor charges per cc. I had approximately 1.5 cc's. Will let everyone know how this goes.
  3. I tried Syprex scar cream, and it was a waste of money for me. I used it for 4 months and saw no difference in my scars.
  4. Healtysceptic: I have very low risk for hyperpigmentation, as I have extremely fair skin. I have had 6 microdermabrasions, one CO2 laser, one Erbium laser, 6 TCA CROSS treatments, and one dermabrasion. The only two treatments that were worth my time and money are CROSS and dermabrasion. Emmanuel: 20% is well worth it, and yes I expect more improvement over the next few months. As long as I keep improving, I am happy with any treatment. Kim2004 My doctor said I healed extremely well. I
  5. I am still very pleased with my results. All of my redness is gone, and I have about 20% improvement after 8 weeks. I am using Super Cop every night, along with my regular skin care regimen. I expect to see some continued improvement. Still not sure what my next treatment will be.
  6. alia 1984 Some of my scars were very shallow because of the CROSS treatments. But my most severe are on my right cheek, which I achieved approximately 50% improvement from the CROSS. Right now, I see a 30% improvement---not sure if I still have swelling. They are still noticeable, especially because of the redness. Realistically, I expect a very good improvement, but I will probably hit it just one more time with a spot dermabrasion, or possibly another 2-3 treatments of CROSS. We shall
  7. I am doing very well, actually. My scars are much smoother. I still have redness, but it is diminishing every day. I am anxious to start back on my skin care regimen. I am going to order copper peptides for the first time----hopefully this improve my results even further. Right now I am taking Gotu Kola, Glucosamine, and an antioxidant supplement. I am still using Amino-plex every day with Eucerin sunscreen. Anxious to see how copper peptides improve my results.
  8. Craig: I haven't gotten any strange looks. My Glominerals makeup conceals extremely well. After taking a full 9 days off work, I healed up pretty well. Right now I have pink cheeks and my skin is looking much smoother. Not sure if I still have swelling, as it has been 11 days since the procedure. I am anxious to start back on my regular skin care regimen.
  9. Honestly, I don't think Dr. Yarborough trained him. Only because we discussed Dr. Yarborough the other day, and he didn't mention anything like that.
  10. Ylem: No, I paid $500 for both of my cheek areas. Not sure what he charges for a full face. MaryTheres: My doctor's name is Brock Ridenour. He is a facial plastic surgeon in St. Louis, Missouri.
  11. Cash: I especially like Amino-Plex for it's healing properties----however, it is a great anti-aging treatment also. I have tried "Oxymist" after a microdermabrasion, but not after a laser, dermabrasion, or CROSS. My doctor is an advocate of Amino-Plex and anything that may speed up the healing process.
  12. This is a very lengthy, but very good article on nutritional support for wound healing. http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m0FDN/4_8...le.jthtml?term=