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  1. I was wondering what is the difference between these two products? deep action cream cleanser sensitive and foaming facial cleanswer sensitive Do both work well? I used to use the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser by Clean And Clear and it worked very well. My acne disappeared for half a year. Suddenly one day i applied the medicine and i woke up with a very irritated face. Im guessing my skin has grown sensitive? Currently I am using the Deep Cleaning Astringent for Sensit
  2. Does eating cookies and cream ice cream flavored give acne?
  3. ligyron, so you are saying that people that have no acne dont notice other peoples acne? so if a girl goes out with a guy and she has no acne, but he does. im pretty sure she will notice..unless shes blind
  4. lmao NO! i stopped masturbating for a month when i was 14 and it didnt help. although i do see a difference when eating healthy and not stressing over the acne. As in not touching or always looking in the mirror :]
  5. >.< aw man.. haha o well.. i guess only time can tell..
  6. what if my parents never had acne? how can i find out how long ill live with acne?
  7. That was a good story. I suppose to some people you can say it is a life lesson. I remember when i was about 14-15 i started to develop acne, i asked myself "what did i do to deserve this?" I started doing chores without complaining and treating everyone extra nice. But that did no good. i still had acne.. haha. But til this day (im 15) i guess my being "extra nice" has stuck on to me but my friends and family calls it "maturing" haha
  8. yea i sometimes get jealous of ppl that eat chocolates with clear skin too but ive gone 3 years without chocolate and it actually feels good :] plus that means less time worrying about your white teeth :]
  9. well i get my acne only on my forehead and chin and occasionally on the cheek bone. I dont really have hate any more than the other so.. I hate getting acne everywhere! LOL