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  1. I wake up everyday to a oily even sweaty face Im currently using proactive , i think its the BP thats making my face oily but the places where its severly oily are the t zones : nose , forehead and cheeks also when im in the sun i feel uncomfortable and feel as though it makes my face even oiler im just sick and tired of feeling this way , at first i thought i could deal with it but it just gets in the way of everyday life So please if people could list some products or ways i could use pr
  2. Im using basically the same routine , oil absorbing sheets and the clean and clear morning burst and it still has not that much effect on the amount of oil that gets on my face the sheets get some but the oil only comes back only a couple of minutes later im gonna try to reduce the amount of BP i use because of proactive because i really do not know what to do with this problem
  3. Thats so wierd .. i have the EXACT problem , at home its okay but in school its not .......
  4. thanks for the advice , also i usually use cold water to wash my face in the morning and night .. do you think this is a contributor to it?
  5. Hello all , im new to the forum and i need dire help with my skin being shiny and oily. .. its been going on for a while now and i tried a bunch of stuff that stops it for a hour or so ... My daily routine is : Morning Proactiv (revitalizing toner) + Clean and Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer Night Proactiv , the whole 3 steps please if anyone can help me out , it would greatly be appreciated