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  1. Hi, operagirl, Are you wearing high SPF sunblock on a daily basis right now? I know this kind of peeling would make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun light which would cause bigtime breakouts, per my personal experience. JL
  2. I correct it for you. There exists topical creams that can give you significant (at least 30 and 40%) improvement of acne scars over a period of months and years. Also this isn't a cream, it's an actual peel. Hmm, $225 for Peel 4000 is not cheap even after a 15% discount for online order. Has anyone (else) tried this product with good/mediocre/poor results to share expreiences with? How would you compare this product with other peels like TCA and how often should it be used (twice a ye
  3. You don't want to try it, believe me, unless you have big and well-defined depressions on your face. I'll never touch it again. JL
  4. Just relax! The redness or pinkness will go away within a week. My doc was using 15mj and 2 passes for my first treatment and the redness was gone in less than 2 days. JL
  5. My research has lead to believe that this procedure is safe for all skin types. I have spoken with doctors that have treated dark skin and they have not experienced any issues such as pigmentaiton. They did indicate that they do have to pre-treat the skin before the procedure. Keep in mind that I spoke with 2 doctors; 1 has been using the machine for the past year and 1 for the past 6 months. Hi, all, My doc is unwilling to go over 18 mj even after my repeated requests and he said h
  6. Hi, mrstupor, Nice work and I feel happy for you. So, in your book, cortisone shot is the best solution if the bump is actually a cyst. What if the bump was indeed caused by BA filler, would you still think cortisone shot a solution for that? I still have a few lumps and they're driving me nuts. The information I've collected thus far gave me a few options - 1. cortisone shot ?? (if there is a dermatologist out there who is experienced and skillful in this procedure) 2. Find
  7. That's what I've heard and that's what they (the docs) claim. It's certainly one of my hopes to improve the texture that the CO2 laser ruined. 782016[/snapback] kooky - my texture has drastically improved with the PSR3 treatment. I am doing two more. It is making a huge difference! wow, sc4r3d, Your acne and scarring do look bad and scary. :D I guess neither fraxel nor psr3 laser could help you out. :lol2:
  8. Hi, marce, Does your doctor prescribe you a medication to prevent pigmenation from happening? JL
  9. I have been talking to this doctor in Ireland who claims the best thing would be just 'nick' it and squeeze it out. He says it would be best to use a #11 scalpel (this thing is so small and sharp it shouldn't leave a scar) Now it really doesn't seem to be rocket science I'm thinking with the proper instructions and a steady hand one would actually do a better job squeezing out the contents themselves vs. a doctor. If you think about it you know exactly where the capsule is located and wha
  10. Hi, kooky, Do you have any update on the cortisone shot for the BA lumps? How much does your doc charge for this kind of shot? Is it possibly covered by insurance? Is this a very common procedure that is provided by every dermotologist? thanks JL
  11. Thanks for the advice. I haven't got a chance to discuss this with my dermatologist yet and the plastic surgeon who performed fraxel on me didn't have any experience with it. The fraxel treatment seemed to make my lumps less visible though.
  12. heya meetpete, 7 passes at 30 mj? wow! no blisters?? did the doctor go over the aquamid site? hope things work out! good luck and god bless. Hi, all Just got my very first fraxel treatment last Thu. and my doc was only willing to start with 15 mj. :cry: , but open to gradually increase it. The downtime was about 1 day and a half, so I went out of the house on Sat. afternoon just with some sunblock protection. I've seen some improvement on the overall skin texture and very minor i
  13. Jenny, My cortisone shot was covered by insurance ($15 co-pay). I just went to a local dermatologist. Its only been 48 hrs, but I have not seen the success that Kooky saw (I think he noticed an immediate reduction the next morning). I haven't seen that yet but I'll keep you updated. My lump seems to be easily irritated (i.e, pressing it down will cause it to be red, unlike my other areas that b-a was injected) and a little red. At this point, I would be happy to etiher get rid of either the r
  14. Hi, butterfies, Tomorrow will be my 1st fraxel treatment. Thanks for the enlightenment. JL