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  1. I have a lot of this on my chin and my back and Im not sure whether they are hypertrophic scar or milia.
  2. Do you still using Tretinoin? I just started for one week and my pores look bigger too. Have you experienced any purging?
  3. What strength are on for retin A? How many times did you use when you first started?
  4. Did you experience any purge when your first started? How long did the purge take? And do you think the gel version is better than the cream?
  5. How long have you been using retin A? Did you purge and does it help with acne scars?
  6. Does using tretinoin help with indented scars like ice pick, boxcars and rolling? And do the scars return if I stop using it?
  7. Do you recommend RF microneedling or the traditional microneedling? Im afraid of RF microneedling because it is an energy device too.
  8. Can subcision be performed alone without suction or filler?
  9. When do you start suction after subcision?
  10. Thank you for your suggestion! Who is BA? Is he a member of this forum?
  11. What treatments would be best for my acne scars?