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  1. Can subcision be performed alone without suction or filler?
  2. When do you start suction after subcision?
  3. Thank you for your suggestion! Who is BA? Is he a member of this forum?
  4. What treatments would be best for my acne scars?
  5. These are the pictures of my scars. What do you think?
  6. So you think RF microneedling should do last? Is it because they don’t work for deeper scars? Can you explain to me. Thank you!
  7. I have combination of boxcar, icepick and rolling scars. Which treatment do you think i should try first? I thought about HA filler but its only temporary and i dont have the financial stability to redo the filler every several months. That is why i think Bellafill would be better as it also stimulates collagen production.
  8. Do you recommend doing microneedling first or subcision with filler first?
  9. Has anyone tried Vivace microneedling RF or subcision with Bellafill for acne scars? How was your experience? Which one is better and which one should I try first?