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  1. i had the same kind of thing with my brother... but now he's jealous of me because he relied on his charm and looks all through highschool and never learned real responsibility & is a total loser now. whereas i've improved myself drastically since highschool and now have way more friends, a much better social life, and am working on my education... and once my skin clears up, things can only get better!! i'm not saying your sister is bad like that... but there are upsides to being the "ugl
  2. has anyone here used the obagi 3 part skin care regiment? i went to a "medispa" the other day to get my rx for differin and they tried to sell me on obagi too... i've used similar systems, so i wasn't interested... but i thought i'd see what people here think of the system.
  3. I use BP in the morning and differin gel at night after cleansing & toning... my skin gets a little tight, but not super dry & flakey (but i'm assuming it will soon.. i haven't used differin very long). Anyhow, my question is... I want to moisturize, but I am afraid that my lotion will dilute the ingredients in BP & differin, therefore rendering it less effective. Does anyone know if my fears are valid?