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  1. You have to use your judgement for your skin... only you know your skin best. I know people who never wash their face and never break out. For me, I need to wash my face because its gets oily and can cause breakouts. Do a test... stop washing your face and make observations and adjust your routine accordingly.
  2. excise one scar only as a test. If you like the results, do them one at a time. Thats your safest bet since each excision will have unpredictable results
  3. I've been on it and it's not as bad as you think. Most people will experience dryness of skin and a bloody nose once in a while. You will need to do blood tests once in a while as a routine to make sure you are okay. Hair loss is temporary if it occurs. Other alternatives to accutane that are nearly just as effective are NeoClear laser by Aerolase. And Agnes Acne treatments. You might want to look into those if you want to avoid accutane. NeoClear is more accessible throughout the U.S. by lookin
  4. I know from experience, these type of red-marks are not going to go away that easily, regardless of the topical products you apply. It will take time, maybe 3 to 6 months or more for them to fade completely, regardless if you apply anything topically or not. If you want to remove them in a week, just 1 treatment with Excel V will remove about 70-90% of the redness. Then a second or third treatment will remove the remaining... as in nearly 100% gone.
  5. There's another alternative to BP for adult acne... it's called Finacea Gel. It can be used on the most sensitive skin, even with people with Rosacea... just google it and you'll find out. A tube of Finacea requires a prescription and will cost you about $400 but it's well worth it if you want to get off Benzoyle perioxde from years of usage. Another alternative for adult acne is Photodyamic Therapy... it's a procedure available at some dermatology offices.
  6. I've seen somewhere that a fractionated CO2 laser can smooth out the grid marks and / or texture issues caused by a CO2 laser. What you can do is have a specialist perform a test area... maybe 1" x 1" in diameter on the area of your forehead to see if it solves the issue. If it works, then do the entire area(s). You may need to do it 3 times for it to be completely gone. But try a test area first. It will probably only cost a few hundred bucks for the test area... but better to do the test area
  7. I had microneedling with PRP done on my entire face. The good or smooth areas of my skin healed up fine. But the areas that had sun damage, the areas that had redness, and some areas that had shallow indents were affected by it. Some of the red / discolored areas became slightly indented after the procedure and I was in shock and in disbelief. I took many photos of my skin before the procedure and some of these discolored areas were once smooth and some had only very slightly shallow indents. Bu
  8. I'd go with the erbium if I had to choose between the microneedling and erbium. Microneedling wrecked my skin. I had it done by a professional, and it did nothing for my scars. Maybe if you are under 30 years of age, your skin might regenerate better, but I wouldn't recommend it based on my experience especially if you are over 30 years of age. The erbium should help with your discoloration. An erbium or ND Yag would help more with the discoloration than for the indented acne scar. I can see som
  9. there's no email notification option on the posts... at least by default... nor an option to be notified of new replies on the thread. Most likely the original poster will not know if there's a reply unless they come back to the site, lol
  10. That appears to be cystic acne. I don't think clindamycin is that effective. How is your skin now?... the same, improved, or worse?
  11. It looks like you have scabbing still after 3 to 4 weeks. The area on the tip of the nose looks like a burn almost where it has caused some peeling of the skin or atrophy from what looks to be like a scab. I'd definitely lay off of any type of glycolic, lactic or any of the other products until your skin has completely healed. How is your skin now?
  12. This will most likely need surgical removal. It's basically buried underneath the skin without any passage for release.
  13. To get rid of the bumps on the nose "instantly" is to go see an aesthetician and get them manually extracted, if they're whitehead pimples that they appear to be. Most of them will be gone instantly. And the nose heals faster than the cheeks.
  14. I don't know the dosage because I never asked. This was maybe 15 years ago. I went in for a few large painful cysts and I was expecting to get prescribed topical medication but the doc suggested an injection since these cysts were large and red almost like blisters. From what I recall, the indents are still there from the cortisone injection. As he was injecting it, I can still remember the feeling of the fluid in the needling being injected into my skin... the duration seemed like quite a bit..
  15. This is off-topic but I think you may have accidently run across a way to regenerate tissue to correct acne scars. If someone can figure out how to reproduce the lump, they can apply it to individual acne scars. As for a Kenalog shot, I haven't done a Kenalog shot, but I've had cortisone shots before... I'm not sure if they are similar, but the cortisone shot had left a small indent where it was injected. If they are indeed the same, maybe you can asks your doc to inject just a very small a