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  1. Arrrrg ok basically i'm in about my forth month on Doxy, i have 26 days left. and i#m actually clear i havn't been for AAGGGGES i'm so happy i feel so much better! but i'm worried that after if i stop i'm gonna breakout bad? or if i carry on i will become immune to them or something? I'm praying that i've actually grown out of it (i'm 18, had acne since about 16), that would be soooo good! but if not i'm really scared what could happen any ideas?
  2. I've kinda wanted to try this for awhile as i keep thinking my acne is because of all the stuff i use but im too scared maybe if i never grow out of it
  3. the only thing i get when i dont masturbate is an urge to masturbate
  4. i would simply ask WHY? and then see its answer, then if i didnt like it i would probebly kill it as fast as possible such as a bullet in the head, because if killing it got rid of my acne id be so excited about it i wouldnt be bothered to kill it in some long way, id rather have it dead so i can start enjoying being my old self =[
  5. Ive been on for 2 months now, i run out 2moro -.- i figure im just gonna go to the doctors on my appointment, then i can talk to him and stuff anyway i cant imagine a week will be too bad thanks for your info
  6. No cus i wasnt given a repeat prescription? im not sure, could i?
  7. So i've been on doxy for 2 months now and i think it's helping, so i want to carry on and see what it does in the third week, but i run out next wednesday (its friday today) and i couldnt get a doctors appointment until the 26th, so i'll be going about 8 days without taking it! do you think this will break me out at all??
  8. well why are men meant to shower the women with gifts, why should we make the effort and spend all the money on women when women dont have too, societies flaws the real question is why dont WOMEN like tht exist they expect us to put them at the centre of our universe because men in romantic films do that, while they sit back and be loved? =/
  9. Yeah that's why i said some people won't like it, i probly should have put some people won't tolerate it or something but it doesn't seem to break me out so it's a nice subtitute for me, i thought i'd share it with the world
  10. Ok people, some people probably will not like this! but i'm just sharing something that i do which i think its really nice! i quit milk/dairy awhile ago because it breaks me out, but i found myself really craving my bowl of cereal in the morning so recently i've come up with an answer! put a banana and about half a pint of water into a blender and blend, making a sort of thin but creamy substance, that i then pour over cereal, it is lighter than milk because of the water, but tastes REALLY nic