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  1. lol if you want to be in denial bia means.
  2. stayyyyy away. she has horrible reviews. Also ruined face. don't go to her, would never recommend her, look at her yelp reviews
  3. Start using Retin A every night. Dont waste money on lasers. Only do subcision and tca cross. After seeing some improvement you can try dermabrassion. I had it done and it helped a bit. Lasers are risky since it can cause fat loss. Also start microneedling kat home and apply vitamin c and e on it. With microneedling the results will take long to see but it does make a bit of a difference. Since you’ll be doing it for free at home its worth it. With all these treatments it will take years to see
  4. has anyone had any results with subcision for fat loss and scars
  5. I used Differin and I think RetinA is more effective. Differin didn't do anything for my skin.
  6. Hi all, I've read mixed reviews about sculptra. some love it and some say it's a nightmare. Since it builds collagen, it can be helpful for scars and volume loss. however my fear is to get bumps in my face, or have get immune system issues. I already have tiny raised bumps from one Bellafill and I'm scared with sculptra those bumps become more visible. Have you guys had sculptra? if so, were there side effects? is it worth it?
  7. it seems that getting bumps after injection with Rullan is a common thing since he is not the best injector. yes massaging can help and its good that its a temporary filler.
  8. Hi i was wondering how the single needle for derminator is used? why is it used compare to the 9 or 12 needles? Also, is there a way for the single needle to break scar tissues? If so, how should we use it?
  9. ya that's the thing with cross, some scars that are close to each other may become connected and therefore the scars can look widened. That's why I'm hesitant to do cross now because I've come a long way to improve my scars and I don't want it to look worse. I'm planning to try sculptra since it's meant for collagen production and try derminator at home
  10. I'm interested in getting sculptra with him as well but not sure if he is ideal for it. did you see good difference with pheno cross? I have shallow scars and I'm worried it may become deeper with the cross.
  11. thanks for your reply. by any chance did you get sculptra from Rullan>?? or have you ever gotten sculptra? I like to know whether sculptra can really build collagen and whether it's worth it. Truthfully, I've had many treatments on my scars over the last 10 years and my scars still visible. However, way more shallow than before. I have shallow Icepick scars now and some box scars, and I am debating if I should get phenol cross. I'm scared I get it and my shallow scars become deeper. That's w
  12. I'm interested in buying derminator but because of the price, I'm leaning towards trying dermastamp 2.0 needles. Do you guys think there is a difference between the results if someone was to stamp manulally vs using the machine? I know stamping is more painful since I've used it all before, however, at this point I care for results and not the pain. Would love to hear your feedback.
  13. Hi do you guys know if tca cross can be used for shallow ice pick scars? Also, do any of you have had any treatments with DR Ben Behnam in LA , is so , how is he? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I've been debating whether I should get Sculptra or Voluma since my face is thinner and saggier thanks to disappointing useless lasers and not sure if I would waste my money by getting sculptra? I received strong lasers in the past and barely made any new collagen and was wondering if that can be the same thing with getting sculptra since it relies on your own body to boost collagen? Do any of you have experience with it, and did you guys see noticeable difference in regards to volu