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  1. I'm also a lab technician compounder for fragrances so I'm always working around a lot of oils that seems to be breaking out my skin again It could be allergic reaction but it doesn't go away when I wash my face off either. I get oils on my hand all the time with on reaction.
  2. I have acne on my neck that also itches; I think it gets dried out but I've had it for about 8 to 9 weeks I don't have any white heads or anything, it's just like little bumps and I've tried Benadryl cream and acne cream and can't get rid of it seems. Can't really see the bulbs but I can sure feel them. I am 30 years old with 2 kids 8 and 7 but also not sure if it my body changing or what. Never had acne on my neck/under chin before. The other though is stress...