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    Hey im Rob im prob one of the nicest people you could meet im freindly,down to earth,have a good sense of humour,non judgmental and a little bit eccentric in a good way. Sometimes i can be really happy sumtimes i can feel down prefer to be happy to be honest.<br /> <br />Interests: sports-rugby union and league. Like running around the moors round ere in yorkshire as well and trying to get into weight training with. Aside form sports I love reading, music, film, a bit of writing, video games, random excursions on train or car and walks in countryside with good company!.loads of stuff!. <br />
  1. Any one else on here love the film "fight club" with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt! Its awesome!. I love the films sentiments and its actually quite inspiring!. That "i don’t give a crap" about the establishment appeals to me loads!. One of the reasons I believe why we give so much of a shit about acne is that we pay too much attention to what the mass media tells us. Companies like Clearasil, proactive don’t care about your face clearing up all they care about is bleeding u dry and trying to
  2. Yeah some good points made here. There is always a little voice in your head uve jsut got to learn to deal with it. I state time and time again on here tho that people are concerned with how jerks think of them to much.However I want to make a point. Its MAINSTREAM society that is obessed with the way we look. And unfort lots of people on here are trying to live there life in accordance to how mainstream society tells them because they are courght up in that way of thinking. Everyday we are bobm
  3. Why are you people so goddamn negative? Jan Carlo is not trying to tell you that if you believe you're sexy that you'll just suddenly wake up looking like a model, hes just trying to help you enjoy life more! all you people do is just obsess over the fact that youre acne is there, which just makes you hate your life even more. After reading that, you probably want to tear my head off, but just listen for a moment. Everyone is quick to blame others, you dont know what its like, you havent had
  4. Great post. My opinion is that a lot of people on here seem to be perfectionists and give too much of a shit about mild acne. "oh my god ive got a couple of little spots on my cheek im going to have dig a hole and hide away jsut in case someone mentions it" etc. No one aside from complete jerks gives a dam about mild acne im sure. Sure there are alot of jerks about but what I dont get is why people give so much of a shit about what they think.Who gives a dam they are meaningless people in the
  5. A few months ago I had a total breakdown in regards to acne. I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, I really despised the way I looked, I went in a total shell, I had no job or life. Now three months on im on the road to recovery. Im gradually looking better tho I still get breakouts. So physically I have not totally recoverd yet but im on the road to mental recovery although i do still suffer the odd blimp. Heres how im achieving this:- 1. Self worth-Everyone means something. NO BODY here
  6. hey no problem keep your head up and one day ull see the bakc of this shit:)

  7. Yeah thaks. I do think we can overact and people arent as judgemental as we think. I know i m hot even tho i have a few spots lol and im going try and not let it affect with me. Its all too easy to be depressed sometimes I feel

  8. thank you so much.

  9. hey yeah i totallty understand. Id never dream of belittling someone’s feelings if there feeling like shit cos they have acne /bad skin. It still effects me from time to time and is a little today in face. And it is hard for other people to understand what your going through if they haven’t experienced it themself. I believe and have faith tho that not everyone is bothered by people having acne/scars etc. Sure some are but why must we feel so shitty cos of there opinions besides they have prob g
  10. Yeah i used to have that problem. Got one id like to pick right now but I know that if I do that then it will be worse they will look more red and the area around it will get infected. Take a deep breath look away from the mirror and think as positive as you can. Youve got to try your best to have a positive attitude and willpower. Never ever think that your worthless cos u have acne. Thats the mistake I made and it fucked my life for the best part of a year and im rebuilding myself now. Youv
  11. Aww yeah great story keep the fiath alive:) You know not everyone out there gives a crap about acne. I still believe that pretty facial features outweight acne unless its is very severe.
  12. Another great post! See thats the attitude to have! I have had symptons of social aniexty disorder and the past year my ance got worse and I became dead reclusive. Forutnalty for me I had a saving grace. I got a job working with young peole with severe eplipsey,learning difficulites autism etc. This changed my perspective totally. At least I have my sanity and I dotn have terrible fits that leave me feeling horrible. Acne is nothing compared to that im sorry even severe acne. Acne will evenutall
  13. Thanx for your comment on my post. I was starting to think I was the only one who wasn't ready to just give up and go out and buy a noose just because of spots on my face :P Good luck with your skin


  14. By the way blue strawberry you are very hot:) Its girls like you that make it worth living and there are plenty of girls like you about. I think its a misconeption that all girls are overly conncerned with other people flaws e.g acne, There are plenty of really hot girls who have great personaliltys you know. A girl likes someone to make them laugh, feel safe and someone they can connect with. Sure I may have acne but I have a dam sight better persoanilty than a lot fo people with flawless skin!
  15. What a great thread. This is the kind of attitude that im aiming for. It is a hard struggle to feel good when you have acne. There are times when u feel like shit. But if you give up and accept living a life of being obsessive thinking your worthless then you’ll get nowhere. Its best accepting you have acne for now and living life as normal and eventually it will fade away. Nobody should think there worthless just cos they have spots on there face. I find that ridiculous although I understand