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  1. well, i was in medical class, and quite a number of lectures was on gland blockage, how seborrheic and oil can accumulate dirt and stuffs. I was so embarrassed because im the only one in class who are dealing with oily and blackhead skin. I just pretend to fall asleep throughout the test and i swore i heard giggles and the "sleeping" word-guess i was noticed afterall. and oh, how salesgirl promoting facial products came up to u and start their talk and i was with my classmates and one of them i
  2. I got blackheads, i would have classify it as moderate to severe, since it is affecting 3/4 of my face, and it's seem like blackheads are even tougher to get rid of. and i got pores at the blackhead, and i heard it wont shrunk and/or disappear. I look like shit after few hours after washing my face and not to mention i have oily skin. Deep within me, i just have this occur to me that my skin wont be the same ever again, even if i manage to heal it, the pores will still be that open, the oiline
  3. i think i have acne dysmorphia as well. Every single zit i get, regardless of size, scare me. Big ones literally scare the living day lights out of me. I keep getting scarred pores on my nose and cheeks. I dont know what to FUCKING DO. do you think jojoba oil can cause enlarged/scarred pores? i used jojoba oil on my already oily face, and it like one drop in my oil-free moisturiser, and that's why i got all the blackheads and pores over my face. for me, im going to stay away from joj
  4. some people say i look old, some people say i look younger at my age. im 18, but i feel like im 80 years old inside. Like i have dwell in this world for a long time. i dun feel the world is any interesting than i think it is, the days passed with a disheartening sameness most of the time, maybe it's because i juz didnt make full use of my days. anyway, i feel so much older than my age, i even think and speak like a old woman
  5. for me, i'd appreciated the comment if my friend say to me when there are no one around, but me and that friend only. that would make me happy. but if she say it in front of other people, seriously i feel like straggling that person, but i would just thanked her quietly, hopefully she wont mention it again and/or ask the what-do-you-use type of question.
  6. i wasnt obsess with acne until people around me make a really big deal out of it. And people referring me like a freak and laughed at me. let me see, i was like 11 or 12 years old.
  7. quick clearance advice? maybe u would like to try the other category of the forum? anyway, i did not have much advise for u since im erupting too and finding solution. maybe u can stop the dan's regime and try other products instead.
  8. i have people discussing about acne in front of me. Some of these times, i was part of the group. I even had a friend who commented on another girl(who is not in the group) that she has corroded skin. And i was right there in front of that "evil" friend. Frankly, my acne was worst than that girl. anyway, everytime when such sensitive topics popped up, all i do was remain quiet and act busy like i didnt hear it.
  9. ya, i looked out for their skins too and marvel at how seemingly perfect they were. even if there were a few zits on their face, i'd still deemed it as alright although the reaction would be a drastic difference if they popped up on my face..
  10. oh my. How's ur skin now? is it better? i remember having similiar incident. where i passed by a shop that sells facial products and they looked professional. they keep on complimenting and recommending their own products, i used it and it triggered a worst results, i went back to the same shop and the girl first words were: do u even use our products. another thing, i dislike those people that asked me if i went to see a derm. it's like asking u to cut ur hair when u have already cut ur h
  11. no one is born to be strong strong you arises from the weak you
  12. let me see. I like my height (im short, but i like it anyway =) ), my eyes, my mouth, my eyebrow, my childish-ness, my laughter(I should laugh more), my maturity when need arises.. actually one can write a list of what you like about youself. Suddenly i can think of alot of things that i find i like about myself. and i feel alot happier. ups for this thread
  13. thanks dreamlify. luckily the lady doing my face is a nice and understanding one. ya, i too see comments that acv can make u breakout with prolonged use. anyway, i stop using acv and baking soda as with AHA products, my skin has already sloughing the dead cells, and with baking soda is like a scrub add on top of it, and she said my skin cant take it. initially i used acv due to baking soda being too basic. now im stopping baking soda so i guess i should stop acv altogether. anyway, im back to
  14. Although i still have some cysts and blackheads, but i think it is better than the skin i used to have. Just as i thought my confidence is coming back(hey it improved isnt it), den someone *ahem* like ur mum or relative *ahem* tell u that ur skin still looks the same and/or seem to become worst. It feel like u have dropped into the abyss of hell again. Because i have been pining my hopes in the baking soda and acv to eliminate my blackheads(my biggest problem) and fade my acne scars, so my disa
  15. same goes for me. I used jojoba oil and it break me out, i discontinue usage but the breakout didnt stop once it started. My face is kinda orange-red when im outside and it juz didnt match the rest of my body(im quite white), and whenever I look in the mirror(from a distance), it juz looks plains weird. Good to know you have a boyfriend who loves you. For me, i wished that I have someone who can assure me that I still looked great to him despite my bad skin.
  16. I have cysts at my chin. LOTS of blackheads at my forehead, cheek, and the most at my nose. Have extremely oily skin. It quite a bad sight too. Sometimes i wonder how others(my friends/family) can cope with that look of me. Singapore is a warm country which means the chances of sebum production rate should be higher. But whe i walked on streets and in school, i can hardly see anyone with oily skin. And that probably the reason why some people think im "abnormal". Although im born with oily skin
  17. LOL I used to be like that. But only when people ask me what did I do to my face(i had quite severe acne). I was clear at that time apart from my blackhead nose. So i talked as if i know what can "cure" zits in a sense. Well, now i have breakout here and there and lots of red acne marks because i used a wrong product(at one point, i added a new product into my regime) for my skin. And people who even has acne taught me what to do to my face. Ugh..
  18. 1. hoping that the tempertature is low outside(not too much sun please), or the place u would be at has air conditioner. So ur face would not look so redden and hopefully shrink the pores and reduce the sebum outflow. 2. if applicable, dim the lights. or take cover at somewhere where u think the lightning would be more favorable to you 3. never maintain your posture when u talking to someone like u would frigid somehow so the people u are talking with would not have much time to notice/dwell o
  19. i hate it when it is near the corner of my lower lip. It like a cold sore. now althou i have few zits here and there. basically 3/4 of my face are covered with blackheads and that sucks too. Look like a hideous monster with black holes in ur face.
  20. ya. i thk i learned life the hard way. got teased alot since 12. den at 15-17 i was consider cleared and happy with my results. and not much teasing. now i seem to break out again(few months to 18) and the past haunt me again. and im losing my confidence and stuffs. i was a bad acne sufferer to begin with. i used to go for facial where the lady there would squeeze and pop those things out for me, and juz last week, i go back again after a long time, and she said she was shocked to see my face an
  21. i was also thinking along the same line. if it really is a punishment, i juz hope first bitter then sweet. hope there will be a divine intervention in my near future and clear my skin up till as long as im alive.
  22. i want to go forward in time. =) wonder when i have wrinkles and white hair, maybe by that time, i wont feel so dejected and no one will judge me harshly
  23. the feeling of hopelessness and panic come back to u, or me to be axact. and also the pain
  24. kip up the gd work~ i can relate to u. cuz i myself cried cuz of acne. and especially recently where im having continuous breakout and i hope it would stopped. but crying is a blessed relief. not saying u muz cry, juz that when u feel ur heart is going to explode. it ok to cry once in awhile, not really abt acne, but abt life. ya i agree with u. we cant control the acne so dun spend too much time brooding over it, since overthinking may lead to new ones popping out. i juz imagine myself that i l
  25. i would help.. but also depending wad favour she ask and if i have the power to fulfill it. -maybe it could let her think twice b4 flunging those harsh comments ever again. -maybe she really has no one to turn to. -better be friend than a foe -im too weak in rejecting -this world nid more good people. lol