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  1. Hey Jef, Hope all is well. No, still didn't start any treatment and will most likely visit dr. Emil in Denmark rather than dr H in London. He seems more reliable to me. Pitty he's located in a secluded city in Denmark though. Regards
  2. Exactly why I'm very doubtful of this drH... On another note, do you think in my case, see picture above, a 'punch elevation' would be a possibility? Really looking for someone who can tell more about this.
  3. Thanks man, really appreciate the input! Have a lot of issues with my skin, but only the scars on this cheek are really bothering me. No, I haven't done anything yet. Only two sessions of microneedling 3 year ago, which made my scars worse tbh. I live in Belgium, there is literally 0 expertise on acne scars here. I'm doubting between seeing drH or dr Emil... I really can't choose. I'm only interested in subcision and I'm also not expecintg miracles, 30% improvement would be just fine fo
  4. Dear all, I'd like to have your opinion on the scars on my cheek. What kind of treatment would you recommend and the amount of time you guys think is needed to repeat the procedure? And especially which doctor to go to (preferably in London)? My active acne, on my neck, has gone for the most part. Very grateful if someone could help me out!