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  1. chama

    hi I still haven't heard anything from you..did I offend you somehow?

  2. chama

    thanks for your research into the stem cell thing in china. I have icepick and boxcar scars so I wonder it can help

  3. Hello, Zuckerman He said, IN COMPARISON, the result is best for rolling scars and icepick is most difficult to treat (sad but as usual, no surprise there). That is not to say you won't get result with icepicks, just in his experience, the result is generally not as good as that for rolling scars. He did not give me a specific improvement rate for icepick or boxcar (I will ask next time). But when I asked, "What about 70% improvement?" He replied without hesitation, "That's not very demandi
  4. EMAIL RESPONSE I RECEIVED FROM SEISHIN REGENERATIVE MEDICINE CENTER, JAPAN today. Unfortunately, despite my high hopes, it seems Seishin is NOT currently using stem cell therapy for acne scars They are still in testing/research phase re: stem cells for acne scar treatment. However, it is unclear to me from their email reply below whether or not they would consider using stem cells clinically on a patient upon request. I emailed Seishin a month ago with an introduction and someinitial quest
  5. This info should definetly go on holdontohope's website as this is dedicated to scaring Indeed that is exactly what we plan to do.
  6. As mentioned before, anyone interested in going to Aoluosi, Beijing for treatment can email photos to the clinic to get a cost estimate, but most of the staff and physicians at Aoluosi do not speak English. Holdontohope, another board member and I are making plans to organize an interested group from acne.org to China for treatment. The advantages of presenting ourselves as a group are (even if we don't all go at the same time): 1) I can try to negotiate a discount for our group, since the cos
  7. Thanks for the kind remark, holdontohope. While BRD is certainly the inspiration, information and 'answer' central on the forum, I, on the other hand, am like the miss "question" central here with my endless questions... :confused: Sorry for the long questions, everyone. I do hope these questions and their answers will benefit others as well.
  8. I forgot to mention: Dr. Choi (at the MC clinic here in Vancouver) is open-minded, very kind and helpful... unlike the majority of cosmetic surgeon or dermatologists I know. I had a long and free consultation with him and he answered all my questions with respect and enthusiasm. I would recommend all interested in PRP treatment in North America (but could not find it locally) to contact him to inquire more. If anyone wants to come to Vancouver for treatment, I can assist in logistics such as
  9. Icaretohelp, I wish you great results! A few questions: 1) You had PRP injection, did Dr. Khan add any extra GF (Growth Factors) to combine with the PRP before injecting? 2) Did dR. Khan do multiple injections to each scar, injected from different directions, or just one injection on each scar? 3) Did he use a traditional syringe? 4) How many scars do you have (scar counts) if you don't mind me asking, and how many injections approx did you think you had? 5) How red did you get immediat
  10. If anyone, like me, is having difficulties finding PRP injection in your local area and couldn't persuade a MD to do it for you. I suggest you look into a skillful and informed naturopath, physiotherapists/sport therapist, or mesotherapist, even Acupuncturist, etc., who are already using PRP to treat other conditions. And show them the literature on PRP's use for facial rejuvenation. In my research, I ran into the REGEN Lab, a biotech company based in Switzerland focusing on Autologous Cell the
  11. In my still ongoing search for PRP injection treatment in my area, I realized even PRP therapy is quite unavailable in North America, the most available procedure using PRP or just autologous blood in NA seems to be for sports injury by some physiotherapists. So I am trying to compile info on PRP treatment for facial rejuvenation to present it to a local Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor... who already uses PRP for sport injury and see if he will agree to use PRP to help me with my scars. Sinc
  12. Can you please let us know where is your doctor and contact info? I have been trying to find a doctor who would be willing to do this for me but so far without any success. thanks
  13. Hi, thunderbay I understand you don't agree with my radical beliefs and wild vision of an all-encompassing compassion-based society. I also respect our differences. The undue "hyperbole" you referred to is used primarily to get my point across, but also has much personal significance for me. I work with abused women/children, and people living on the streets of NA's poorest urban neighborhood, supporting them to cope with the atrocity and injustice they face. I used to secretly resent mysel