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  1. Some people can't drink milk, others are allergic to eggs. My dad has a severe reaction to avocados. My wife needs an epipen for a bee sting. Some people don't get acne but put on weight very easily when they have a bad diet. Other develop diabetes. Everybody's body is different. I used to have a horrible diet and never gain a pound, but I would break out bad. Every derm I went do as a kid would put me on a different drug for it, never addressing the root problem. ALL said food had
  2. I am a bit confused on types of scars I have. I think they are boxcar but would like some clarification. I have been acne free for 5 years since I started eating healthy. No fast food, only water, very low sugar. That worked for me immediately. Also, I rarely get sick anymore so that's a bonus. In my youth every derm I went to said diet had nothing to do with acne. All they wanted to do was prescribe drugs. Had I known 30 years ago what I know now I could have saved myself a lot of