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  1. I had a deep boxcar scar and I had it revised. I tried creams and make up to cover it up (too deep) and nothing. After twenty years and making good money at work I decided to consult a plastic surgeon. the plastic surgeon cut it out, but it two another try to fix it. Look into your options. A lot of plastic surgeon have free consultations. Try a couple to get some ideas as to what you can do Z.
  2. Antik, I will agree with what wenc3160 said. I had two scars revised and one I had to do it again. Three weeks after the stitches were taken out (after re-doing the one infront), I still have steri tape over it with a week to go. Its still red and when I took the tape off friday, I cover it with a bit of make up and it looked okay. It was still red though. I am covering it up so that it can heal better and there won't be any damage from the sun. I know it wont be perfect, but at least i
  3. I am so sorry, work has kept me very busy and I did not reply to your question. you can buy apple cider vinegar in all stores (buy the organic type) and use a cotton ball to apply to face before yougo to sleep at night. Z.
  4. Slow- I have been using apple cider vinegar every night I take a cotton ball, put some vinegar on the affected areas. Do not, I repeat, do not go out in the sun without some type of hat to protect your scars from the sun. A few minutes under the sun can darken your scars and it will take weeks, if not months to undo the damage. Z.
  5. Its been almost a month. Here are the posts that I have putting up on my blog. http://zoutandabout.blogspot.com/search/la...ision%20surgery I see my plastic surgeon again on the 20th of this month. I hope that by then, my scar will look better. But he said that it needs time... He recommended I use Mederma for the scars. Mederma is supposed to be applied 2-3 a day for at least 8 weeks to see good results. Thanks. I hope this helps. I posted the before pictures of how my scars looked
  6. Dora after I had my scar revision surgery, my plastic surgeon told me to use Mederma after the scars had healed. I have seen a difference. I have pictures at the link below. I apply Mederma 2-3 times a day. I try to keep my face clean and moisturized. http://zoutandabout.blogspot.com/search/la...ision%20surgery I have been using mederma for less than a month. Its recommended you use it for at least 8 weeks to see better results on new scars. Good luck with your scars. z.
  7. You might also want to try aquaphor. I used it right after I had scar revision surgery and it really helped me. Z.
  8. I have not used maderma, but it was recommended by my plastic surgeon. I am not going to buy it though, because the apple cider vinegar is working wonders with my face!! My forehead is sooooooooooooo smooth!! Have you tried it? My sister was going to buy a very expensive cream after she had a laser procedure on her face, but I showed her my forever and agreed that it looked great. Now she is going to do it for a month and see what happens. I amsure she is going to have great results.
  9. crystal, when I see my sister again, I will take her picture so you can see her results. I am having the procedure done as soon as my scars heal. my plastic surgeon said I could have it done as soon as the scars heal, but I will have to aks the doc doing the laser to skip those areas. Z.
  10. Hi My sister just had laser done on her acne scars. The treatment I think its called laser erbium resurfacing procedure... it turned out very well. she returned to work after a week. she had large scars from acne and large pores. They have been reduced significantly and she is very happy with the results. Its been almost 3 weeks and her skin keeps improving. Z.
  11. My sister had the lasering done about 2 weeks ago and her covery time was a week. She had taken off two weeks, but she went back to work after the first. The Dr. said she would see improvement within a few months. Her skin looks nice now but she is waiting for the swelling to go down a bit more.
  12. Hey guys, I finally had my scar revision surgery today. It went well and I was treated great. I had local anesthesia and the Dr. went ahead and did the procedure. I was going to post the before and after pictures here, but I have some huge pictures and I don't know how much space I can take. If you guys want to see what I went through with before and after pictures of the scars please follow the link to the blog where I posted them. (please copy and paste)zoutandabout.blogspot.com/2008/10
  13. I am so glad you feel better about yourself. Today, I consulted with a plastic surgeon and he is going to do 2 chicken pox scars (very big and deep). its going to cost me $1,500.00. I know its a lot, but I think its worth it. I have the appt for thursday the 9th. Think of me on that day. He said that dermatologists usually have that tool to puch the scars out but he prefers to use a scapel. He said he can do a better job with it. He was very nice. He answered all my questions and I thi
  14. sounds painful, but I am glad its workign for you. Z.
  15. Hello everyone!! I have been lurking and doing a lot of reading on the site. Thanks for all the great information. This morning I contacted the office of Dr. Anthony Griffin (from Extreme Makeovers). I posted about the scars ( in the scar gallery) that I have due to chicken pox and I asked if they did excisions and they do. Now, the bad part is that they charge $500.00 for the initial consultation, but that money also goes towards your procedure. I have the money, so, I am going for it.