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    I am a Bio major and Chem minor at my school. I go to school full time and work full time to make rent (GAHH it sucks!). Actually I really do enjoy my job. I am a photographer at a photo studio..and when it's slow..i study or just goof off ^_^. <br /><br />Beside being a study bug..I simply LOVE to sew. I have a very artsy fartsy side of me in which my parents really don't like to support because it will drive me to 1) insanity or 2) homelessness. But i love anything that is art.....<br /><br />I have so many websites online...it's ridiculous how much of an internet nerd I am. But i definitely do vlog on youtube www.youtube.com/secretlifeofabionerd .. and i xanga like a nerd! www.xanga.com/ricesushi02<br /><br />I work too much and go to school to much to have any "real" friends. Ya it's really that pathetic hahaha ^_^ Oh well i do meet really cool and down to earth people online!!! So hooo rawr ! to you guys!!

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  1. I was reading up on so many things about Glycolic Acid, that I just had to give it a try. I wanted to do a log on here, but I have already started one on my personal blog. My skin , I must say has been a lot better in comparison to two years ago. Two years ago I use to be on Acne.org every day, pouring my heart out to you guys. I still come back every now and then to support a few people here and there. The thing with acne. You start off analyzing your face every day to see if it has gotten
  2. You've got to be kidding me? When I see things like that with "raving" reviews from "customers" it makes me question it. I feel so bad for that wounded horse.
  3. Two years ago, my acne came back after 1 years of pretty clear skin. I nearly wanted to kill myself because it just made me feel like it was lost hope. I went back on Accutane, and oddly it didn't even work that well on me? So, I decided to change my life for the better. I continued working out, watched my diet, and really read up and experimented on things that will help me clear up my face. It took two years, for me to get this far..... Two years ago, I came to acne.org hoping to find a solut
  4. Wow you are really pretty and I think its cool that you make clothes as well

  5. *blush* thank you for the compliment!

  6. hey wow you are really pretty.

  7. huh? when did i tell u this? " that is awesome!! thing is ..my bf is very detailed......so he notices everything...he noticed a scratch mark on arm one time..and was bothered how as to how i got it!!!! HmMmM odd ey? (it's his personality) but YES we do dwell on ever flaw!!annoyance!! your boyfriend and you sound like the perfect couple!!! i am much too allergic of everything to be camping..sigh* i wish i could...
  8. " thanks for the advice..........everyone has..and that is puberty kicking in......haha i think i am just shy all around..just need to build that gosh darn self esteem!
  9. " Hi everyone..I haven't been on here since Last May... --Earlier of January this year I had a pretty bad break out..The worst since 17 (I am 21 now!!). It made me lose so much confidence, so much ambition, and VERY depressed!!! --I came into this org to find so many compelling and envious stories. I stuck on here and read up on different types of regimens, read other people's stories..and even got support from many MANY awesome members...... HmMmM I don't know how ...but I am absolutely clea
  10. BIG BIG HUG!! I am sorry to hear this, i hope you and your family are doing okay with this event. Most importantly i am very very settled to hear that your mom is okay. Please if you need to talk about it..or just someone to listen..please keep us posted... lots of <3
  11. oh gosh the horror of ghost face!! i avoid flash as much as possible!!! i take my photos in natural lighting w/o flash (i know it's hard to avoid it..but if u can then do so) I also make sure there is lots more lights in the room ....so the flash doesn't hit you so hard in the face!!! But what can you do? you can't avoid it right ? good luck with christmas photos!
  12. i absolutely agree w/ asianxiah on the side sweep bangs. My I have a very square face..and everything flattens out WITHOUT bangs! So, haha no matter how horrid the cut is..my bangs are my NUMBER 1 concern!! hope to see what your hair looks like after you get it cut!! I love the curls the length and everything about your hair....and your face shape is adorable!!
  13. wow!!! that's lots of cool info on fake lashes...I'm not a huge fan of false/semi perm lashes...don't they ruin your real ones? I use Shiseido Long lasting lift masacara and their base..AND IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!!!! i am so in love!! i just want my lashes to be healthier !!
  14. I can understand what u are going through...I cover myself up constantly with makeup..and i get really annoyed when i see others w/ flawless skin..but with u i agree w/ above..u do have large pores...the scars ..well i see like 2? on a scale i say 2.......ex foliating..help minimizes pores... my scars are way more pitted than urs..and i do think about them all the time..i just slather on some make up and just advance onwith my day "
  15. as far as i know..some have tried this..and even say that it does condition lashes very nicely..i use olive oil on the tips of my hair...to lessen spit ends..and i also add sugar to it as a homemade scrub..so maybe it might work?? I am going to give it a go go and see...just hopefully i m diligent with it and don't get oil in my eyes.."