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  1. ok well this isnt just acne related its "looks" related... i think im starting to hate myself because of acne and because of other reasons.. i use to be decent looking but i seem to get uglier and uglier. a girl i like is asking to meet me but i keep making loads of excuses because ive lost all my confidence i swear i mean all of it. I use to have nice teeth but then after i got in a fight i now have 2 teeth outta place it doesnt look bad from face on or left side on but right side on u can te
  2. ye just wondering because my sleepin pattern is messed up lately and im on my 2nd month off accutane almost thru to my 3rd and ive noticed im sleepin a hell of a lot longer and at odd times? this cud be partly due to the fact im not in work atm but ye does anyone happen to feel the same?
  3. na if i get a scar ill live with it unless its massive and covering over half my face which acne scars dont
  4. im drinking easily over 2 pints of milk a day mixing it with protien powders and i can safely say this is not the case for me lol i think that is being paranoid which is leadin u to believe that
  5. just go on the beds for like 6 mins every 2 days that shudnt burn u believe me im from shitty cold england and that dont even burn me n not only will it get rid of ur spots it will give u a tan and a tan makes ur skin look better and more attractive anyway and detol is the best i swear lol just take the pain but if it really does hurt u to much use dermol 500 lotion 10 mins after detol thats what i was told to do but i never used it. but ye clean less anyway thats the key cus overcleaning is
  6. ok im no expert but as dirty as it sounds clean less because ur not opening ur skin for bacteria n shit and when u do clean put detol in the hot water no joke it kills 99.9% of all bacteria lol and even tho ur from a hot country try go on the sunbeds seriously thats the miracle cure to me even tho im on accutane i swear to god sunbeds clear my face up so much people wud never no i had acne hope this helps lol oh but dont go on the sunbeds if ur on acutane