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  1. I haven't tried Everday minerals or the other ones mentioned but I have tried BareEscentuals which was on the cakey-side and I found it exacercated the the size of my pores rather than diminish the size. Right now I am using Neutrogena Spot Concealor(used for a long time, really like the product), and I alternated between Mary Kay mineral foundation(which is a lot less cakey/ does not irritate my skin) and Mary Kay medium coverage liquid foundation(which I find conceals my large pores better).
  2. You should look on zappos.com....BC, Simple, and Keds make cute flats that are comfortable to wear for more than an hour .
  3. Hi, I've read a lot of conflicting results of people who've taken/are taking DIM--I've been using it for about a month now and I've noticed a difference in my skin. I've had only a few small active pimples that did not stick around long and body acne is also improving. Whether or not the DIM will continue to be effective for me is another question but so far so good. I also take other supplements that I've found helpful for my skin and overall health(you can see the list in my signature).
  4. Hi, I've been taking Estrobalance(DIM) for about a month now and it has really been helping clear my skin(I have hormonal acne too). I have been on Yasmin BC before and it cleared my skin but I also developed mild depression/mood swings. I have heard Yaz BC is good for helping hormonal acne as well. Some people who take BC it doesn't effect their moods/skin, for me it did unfortunately(for example taking ortho-tricyclen/ortho tricyclen lo--both BCs made me break out more!) I would give the D
  5. Hi Bilo, Just from my own experience I found antibiotics only temporarily helpful...I would take the antibiotics for several months it would clear my skin but then I would develop immunity to them and they became less effective. Also, after I stopped taking them my skin broke out even more. I stopped taking them because a) I didn't want to be dependent on antibiotics the rest of my life, b) I didn't want my immune system to become totally immune to the effects of antibiotics c) I was tired of
  6. Hi, I have a similiar experience to all of you and it is REALLY frustrating on occasion...I've started dating again, going out and socializing, and of course when working and/or applying to jobs acne can cause you to feel really self-concious...having acne in any of these situations makes it twice has hard to maintain confidence...BUT.... I've just been trying to be really postive about the whole experience(don't get me wrong I do have bad days where I don't want to leave the house without mak
  7. Hi Crabby Patty! I just looked at your photos...and I was surprised! A lot of your skin looks like it's post-inflammatory red spots..not bad at all! I can empathize with your frustration but just think of your acne as temporary....it will get better soon... A few things that have helped me: taking a multi-mineral(that contains zinc) has helped any acne I've heal a lot faster and cut down on the oilyness, taking EstroBalance with contains DIM--it helps balance hormones etc....(you can see th
  8. I agree with wantobefree, zinc is not a cure all. I think you should instead look at all aspects of your diet, lifestyle, and skincare---for instance BP breaks me out instead of preventing pimples...but it hasn't always been that way sometimes your body develops sensitivies to certain things. You could be dealing with hormones, food allergies, etc...the list goes on... Just my opinion but it seems that you may have to change your skin care routine if your skin is extremely dry and breaking ou
  9. I've been taking zinc for a couple of months now and found it really helped my skin(it was pretty oily) heal and prevent bad breakouts...you might want to reduce the dose of zinc you take slowly and observe how it effects your skin. Also I have been using jojoba oil as a moisturizer and it has been really effective in preventing my skin from drying out due to using sulfur or tree tree oil spot treatments. Are you taking the zinc in a multi-mineral form or alone? Zinc works more effectively wh
  10. Hi Everyone, thanks for the great feedback and links--I've trying tea tree oil for now and that seems to be working well...so far if I have a blemish and apply the sulfur spot treatment(what's left) or the tea tree oil it definitely reduces the redness, swelling, and brings the pimple to the surface. I've been apply it after putting jojoba oil on my face to prevent any redness or irritation which also has been helping. I always appreciate the feedback! Hope you are all doing well.
  11. Since I've started taking a multi-mineral a few months ago (with zinc, copper,maganese, etc) and using Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil soap my skin has hardly any excess oil at all....I think the zinc in particular helped with this(but don't take more than 100mg/day otherwise it can be toxic to your body). As for oil hair I can recommend two things--not washing your hair everyday(try every other day or every few days)...let you hair become accustomed to that...and if need be use a dry shampoo or b
  12. I actually use(and having been using for month on my face, I've used the liquid peppermint soap as hand/body/house/fruit cleaner for years...it's great!) the Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil soap in bar form--I lather gently with the soap after rinsing my face with warm water than apply the lather(not the actual soap) gently to my face and let it sit for a minute and rinse. I know Bruce and a few others is quite against Dr. B's soap(because of the PH levels) and it caused some to break out more...b
  13. Just an update....Dr. B's tea tree soap for abour a month now(I use the bar form--I lather the soap gently in my hands than apply the lather to may face, let it sit a minute than rinse gently) has worked well for my face--it's not oily at all anymore(it seemed to compliment the supplements I'm taking). However I would only use it if you have extremely oily skin. Unfortunately the Dr. B's did nothing for my body acne...it's a good soap otherwise... I've been using jojoba oil as well and seems
  14. Do you touch your face a lot? That's the only explanation I could think of for why only your chin is breaking out...then again it could be stress related. Honestly I think you need to be resourceful and creative to find a solution...I lived in Thailand and Vienna for several months in both places and learned quickly to befriend bilingual folks who were familiar with the area. You could also have a friend or family member mail them to you...most zinc supplements are relatively cheap and lightw
  15. Thanks for the replies! I will probably try the bye bye blemish...I'll let ya'll know how it goes!