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    none extreme dry skin! i thought this would work but it just made my skin super dry. i stopped using it after 4 months due to absolutely no results. my skin is still dry bcuz of doxy after being off it for 5 months :( also got sunburnt bad in weird places like feet and hands. not for me could work for other people though.,.
  2. i swear just when i feel like im getting clear, or just when i get no new breakouts for a couple days and im feeling great about life.. BAM 3 or 4 white heads pop up overnight. on top of that a HUGE cyst is starting to form right where i have a scar from past huge cyst. it never stops. i swear to god im f'n over this! after years of suffering i have learned to accept that acne is apart of me weather i like it or not, but holy shit can i just catch a break??! im so sick of living in fear of new p
  3. This is very similar to my acne and how i feel. i am now a junior in college and still suffer with it. i have come to embrace that my skin will never be perfect, which is a very very tough pill to swallow. i strive everyday for clear skin, wishing and thinking about how many opportunities in life i wasted or turned down because of acne. this message really spoke to me. thanks for posting. good luck and god bless. exactly how i felt/feel: "I used acne for my excuse for everything - why I shou
  4. im the same exact way in the summer bro.. every year is the same, perfect clear skin in summer and then cystic breakouts in winter... it sucks dude. You get a lot of vitamin D from natural sunlight, which is good for your skin, so take D3 in winter and try and get some natural sunlight (tanning beds cannot produce vitamin D). the tan also hides some of my acne (i get really dark)
  5. link or file whichever works (check out the vitamin d part) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P...0364%2D0024.pdf also read this too : http://lighttherapyoptions.com/2008/11/vitamin-d-and-acne/ calwestmed00364_2D0024.pdf calwestmed00364_2D0024.pdf
  6. its psychologically the toughest roller coaster ride life can throw at you, but you are very young, your acne will clear in time. trust me, in a couple years+ you will look back on all this and be a much much stronger person. hope u the best, and keep your head high
  7. i feel ya bro, hang in there i had pretty severe acne till last summer when i got almost 90% clear, i felt great and had amazing skin & confidence. then winter came and i broke out horribly.. i couldnt stand it.. going from almost perfect skin after suffering for so long, to back to bad acne. its a horrible feeling but hang in there man.. mine is slowly getting alot better, hoping the same for you!
  8. i love FL, it was 75 and sunny with a breeze all day! and i was at the pool gettin a tan! not only that but the sun always naturally cures my acne. (let alone the color hides the old dead acne ) I FEEL GREAT! it feels amazing outside! things are finally looking up *knock on wood* another beautiful day tmrw, anybody care to join me at the pool? good luck everybody!! and try sunshine, it works for me every year! vitimin D i guess ?
  9. this is true, i get oily in the summer, but im at the pool and in the sun most days so it dries it out a little which is a perfect natural balance, i hardly even wash my face in the summer lol
  10. just got back and i already look better! the sun IS the cure to my acne... this is why i hate winter
  11. so i have perfectly clear skin in the summer, and then breakout HORRIBLE in winter..everything from dryness, peeling and cystic acne. its mod severe even. then every summer it clears. allergic to winter? idk..its gay as shit and cant stand it. anyways tmrw its going to be 75 and sunny ALL DAY!! time for that sunshine to come in and clear up this acne! i love FL ps does anybody else experience this???
  12. simply put acne is my only flaw. and a huge one at that. it prevents me from so much and cant stop thinking about my face 24/7. it effects my actions, thoughts, etc. i cant wait to be done with this bs and move on with my life. its annoying and f***** frustrating! And above all i feel like it is holding me back from the real me.. like i cant move on with my life till i have clear skin... FUCK U ACNE
  13. I live in FL and every summer my face becomes clear thanks to sunlight, salt and chlorine water. But mainly sunlight. anyways ive been on doxy for about 3 weeks and have noticed an improvement, but theres still dead acne that still shows because its winter and my face is pale. Im thinking about going to the tanning bed a few times to get a little color but am kinda scared since doxy makes you very light sensitive. Im a naturally tan person and in the summer i can be in the sun for 6-7hours+ w/o
  14. sad, but true. statistically, an employer will take a better looking person with the same qualifications than the lesser looking one. although acne doesnt have everything to do with looks, it can be a deal breaker in some cases (depending on the job also). keep pushing! you'll find a good job soon. Im in the same boat..but luckily im good at poker and am making $$ online lol
  15. since all of us are pretty much going through the same struggle of acne (aka hell), I feel like after i get through this, i will be able to handle anything this life throws at me. In fact when i stop and think about it, peoples petty problems that they complain about on a daily basis, i cant stop to help myself from saying get over it.. whether it be that they are running late, bf/gf drama, or a small little zit on their forehead,etc. After dealing with this heavy,heavy load for years, small thi
  16. this is true, this is the worst iv ever broken out but somehow i have managed to hook up with 3 very hot girls ive been talking to the last couple of weeks... im even shocked by it.. lol guess its the personallity, im i different person around girls, friends, partys.. not in a bad way, i just purposly forget i have acne and have a hell of a time. guess it works :P lol
  17. very good post i too feel the same way, and it sucks because its something you cant control.. esp when your in college, but hey this is the time of my life so im gonna live it up regardless of acne!
  18. lol exactly.. my mirror in my bathroom at my apartment is bright but an slight orange color (skin color lol) so i only see the bigger inflamed zits.. then in other lighting i see my scars, peeling etc. its pretty annoying....
  19. isnt it crazy how good you can feel when you look into a mirror with great lighting which shows no acne.. and how horrible it is when you see yourself in a ridiculously bright bathroom mirror. from car windows to distant reflections, my mood changes probably a million times a day about my acne and overall feeling. I have had light acne all summer and fall but have broken out terribly this past couple months with moderate cystic dry acne.. Its hard to compose a consistent self image of yourself w
  20. bro i feel you.. im in college and over summer when i had like no acne i was dating 3+ girls at a time. I would get checked out all the time... now i feel like they are looking at my acne...fml
  21. i know what you mean, my acne takes forever to heal and it looks like theres tons on my face... the only thing that helps is sunshine. a nice tan makes it look like ive never even had acne before in my life..
  22. same here bro. salt water,chlorine water, and lots of sunshine clears my acne and it looks like ive never even had acne in my life. and a nice tan covers old acne/acne scars. I can go days with out even washing my face and not getting a single pimple. my face looks so healthy in the summer but the COMPLETE 180 in the winter. moderately to mod severe cystic type shit. its so bad that my derm wants me to get on accutane.. this has been happening for 3 years now.. i cant wait for summer!!!! anybody
  23. yea sorry ive got to disagree, im counting down the days till summer my acne is virtually gone thanks to the sun, chlorine water and salt water. my acne breaks out bad in the winter...cant wait for a couple more months or weeks.. (i live in FL)
  24. From the album: I hate winter time..

    pretty much clear during summer..
  25. jbro326surfer

    I hate winter time..

    I have 90% clear skin during summer and break out horrible during winter.. and this winter is the worst its ever been. Just started on doxy and tretinoin cream. I need this shit cleared soon...so sick of this