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  1. Absolutely to both. Some people responded well to the treatment I got. Some people, myself included, apparently have stubborn skin. I wouldn’t say there’s no improvement as there has been some. Just not for the money I paid. Lol! Just not worth it IMO.
  2. I did fraxel a few years back. I honestly thing I’ll stop here. My husband is in the military so we’re headed to Texas next so I wouldn’t even have time to do another round if I had wanted to. Ive done so many lasers over the years so I’m just kinda over it. I’m tapping out. We’re headed out of state for a move and it is what it is.
  3. Hi friends. I forgot to update this. I am not going back for a third round. I think honestly there is improvement that not enough for me to suffer through that genius again and spend the money. I think my left cheek started off worse but reacted better and looks better now. Where is I don’t think there is much improvement on my right. I could be wrong because obviously it’s myself and I over analyze my flaws
  4. 2 so far Wearing some makeup today and it typically makes my scars look worse. Figure I’d post a photo. I haven’t. I’ve been following dr weiners treatment plan based on his evaluation. Really trying to get many angles to see if there’s improvement. again this is WITH makeup
  5. Just washed my face so super red but here’s an updated set of photos
  6. Sandy just kept giving me the cold air to blow on my face and I was just like this isnt helping! Lol. Such an awful pain Entirely jealous. I was a giant baby. Lol
  7. For sure! It was way worse the first time around.
  8. I think within 48-72 hours. I’d have to look back on my post. I posted about it on my thread but haven’t looked recently.
  9. It’s weird it wasn’t known. Breakouts are a side effect with the machine and was even listed as a side effect on my consent forms. It’s rarer. But definitely a possibility.
  10. Not at all. I didn’t touch them and I just cleaned my face and put the clindamycin on and they just went awayNot at all. I didn’t touch them and I just cleaned my face and put the clindamycin on and they just went away
  11. Yes my face up covered in a little whiteheads after my first round and a little bit on my second round. Not as bad the second round at all because she had me start clindamycin right away
  12. Isn’t Fraxel a CO2 laser? If so, I went through five treatments with no major change. I could be wrong though and it might be a different type of laser
  13. I’m not exactly sure. I looked on my online portal and it said 80%? Lol! I have my genius settings thoigh!