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  1. Yeah Lumps after Radiesse is my problem, he did say that steroid may help but I know that i doesn’t dissolve Radiesse, but I also assume that I developed scar tissue or something like that, because I think that consists of lumps. I’m bit prone to keloid so I also assume that a keloid may have formed under my skin. The thing is I can see that something is wrong but I don’t know what is wrong. In my opinion the TCA didn’t do much, sometimes I think that the TCA could have done the harm but I thin
  2. Hey guys, I had a treatment 7 months ago by a doctor that is recommended on this board that made my scars look worse. I had a Subcision with Radiesse on a wide spreaded are and TCA Cross on one tiny scar. I did visit him another time because I was really unhappy about my results and he did offer me a steroid injection, and he did say that the Radiesse could have cause my skin condition.I refused to take the steroid injection because I heard a lot of bad stuff about it and I was scarred tha
  3. Okay, well Grats, but it is strange that a lot of people who have visit Lim and write a review don’t have B&A for some reason. Everybody has some pictures before and after the treatment. And the most should also make sure that it is the same light. What would you do if something goes wrong ? You wouldn’t have any evidence. I don’t want to discredit you, but for that reason I only believe reviews that have B&As because it could be possible that you’re Lim himself or an assista
  4. He treated your hypertrophic scar with Subcision ? Did I understand this in the right way ? And it worked ?? I did never hear something like this before. Even Lim did say that Subcision shouldn’t be done on hypertrophic scars. Do you have any before and Afters ?
  5. Wich one do you think ist not ethical ?
  6. So Emils B&A are better ? My opinion is that all of these recommended doctors are trash. I did a lot of research about them in the last few days and found out a lot of Bullshit about them(exept of Emil) he is quite nice, I mean I think my scars got worse from his treatment, but he is willing to help me and mistakes can happen always. But what I heard from Weiner and Lim is really really bad. there is a internet site name ratemeds.com you can type into google with Lims nam
  7. did you visit him ? and when the answer is yes what did you do ?
  8. I noticed that a lot of profiles on this board only exist to Defence some doctors you just have to click on the profile and you can see that some profiles only comment on some topics from one doctor. I assume that these doctors created these profile themself. And I’m sure that they have fake profiles to manipulate us in a certain direction when we complain about them. Every time when someone says something against these doctors the hall board defense them.(we are obsessing, our problems are
  9. It is suspicious, that he didn’t mentioned acne.org for long time and BA disappeared. Maybe Lim didn’t pay BA anymore and that’s why he’s not here anymore.
  10. Any updates ? It sounds really drastic what happens to you
  11. It seems that he really doesn’t deliver good results at all and and on top of that he deletes bad reviews, well I wouldn’t recommend such a doctor. If you go a few pages back you can see how BA talks in favor of Lim even though a patient did say that he’s not happy with the results and doesn’t like him. I’m sure that he worked somehow for Lim and other doctors. I also think that they want to see people because they make Safe money with the consultation that way, and if you’re there already you w
  12. https://www.google.de/amp/s/www.ratemds.com/amp/doctor-ratings/885011/Dr-Davin-Lim-Brisbane-QLD.html I saw These reviews about Lim, ist also seems that he ban Bad Reviews on realself. Dam ist seem that he is fooling all of us.
  13. Looks like marketing and a Little Bit of Photo Shop to me
  14. Somehow I think that he is manipulating a lot of people on this broad and on YouTube, he’s is selling us treatments that not everybody wants to do, so he builds up an easy monopoly with his treatments. And sub and tca for example isn’t really effective, I’ve ruined my face with sub+radiesse+tca and I know a lot of people who didn’t benefit from subcision or tca, tca often even worsen scars. I still don’t understand why so much people trust him ? Is it because they are desperate ? Where