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  1. Day 28 I can't believe it's been a month! a fourth of the way there. well as exciting as that is.. haha my side effects have been getting rough this last week. my lips are throbbing as i type. i didn't know lips could be this dry. i keep them soaked in pure lanolin at all times and they're still very irritating. my eyes are also starting to get dry and really itchy. i got some eyedrops though that work wonders! so that's not bad. and mannn has my body been feeling crappy. my knees and ankles fe
  2. Day 13 almost 2 weeks! i can't believe it. today i was surprised when i woke up to find my head looking scary! it looked like i had the worse case of lice you've ever seen. i've been using dandruff shampoo, the strongest i could find in fact, but i guess it's not working. my head itched so bad today i almost went nuts. but my face wasn't that dry at all? and today i was snowed in on top of it! we got a blizzard and i think at last measure there was 15 inches of snow!! little crazy to have a b
  3. my computer went nutso and posted like 3 of the same thing. does anyone know how to delete posts?? haha thanks
  4. his pumpkin- have you found anything that calms down the redness? i haven't had much luck, just kind of have to ride it out. lottielou- thanks for the support, i never leave the house without makeup either! i don't know what i'd do without it. good luck to you too! Day 9 dry face? check. it's not that it's that bad, just annoying to have to mosturize so many times a day. my acne seemed to be subsiding but then my chin starting sprouting a farm and i have one coming right over my cheekbone
  5. Day 6 man oh man. is it just me or is my dosage higher than normal? i'm on 80mg a day and i initially was supposed to be on 120mg a day but got it lowered so it would be cheaper. anyways, after i got out of the shower today i lubed up my whole face with aquaphor. and literally, i looked like a burn victim. my face was not only beat red but it was almost puffy looking. tomorrow is my first day of classes since i've started having side effects. i'm a little nervous that my face will start flaking
  6. Day 4 Happy Leap Day yall!! today was the first day my face got really dry. after my shower my face was burning and it looked pretty red. i've also started breaking out pretty bad. i think it's that initial breakout thing i've heard so much about. my lips are dry too but they always are in the winter. which makes me think, i'm not sure that winter in ohio is going to help my skin any. but oh well, as long as this works for me (fingers crossed!) i hope that my skin has calmed down by spring brea
  7. Thanks Jules and natural girl! :] Day 2 Holy dandruff! haha last night after my shower, my whole head must have peeled off into my hair. so today i went and bought some heavy duty head and shoulders and it was already lots better after a good wash. the only other side effect i've noticed is my sleep patterns. i couldn't fall asleep forever even though i was super tired. then i slept past 2 alarms this morning and almost missed my class. i hope my body regulates soon. oh and i read in some othe
  8. Day 1 I'm finally starting my isotretinoin course after months of jumping through hoops. being a girl and trying to get on accutane is rough. my first dr.'s appt. to get started on accutane was in the beginning of november! and today is my first day (feb. 26). but i just hope it will all be worth it! i'm starting on 40mg tablets twice a day. my derm initially wrote my Rx for 30mg 4 times a day. but my pharmiscist told me that it would cost $900/month! needless to say, i couldn't afford that.