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  1. I wish this was confirmed by other articles and news about the product. None of the other sources I've found state that it helps regenerate the accessory parts of skin too. Granted these other sources are mostly about the buy out so they probably don't really care about the finer details.
  2. Unfortunately just wait. And hope all the hype is legit
  3. With clinical trials already having occurred I don't see how it could still take that long to come out. I guess they would know better than me tho lol. The sound cloud interview you linked with Dr. Weiss had him saying that the first products would be on the shelf in a year to 18 months, and the interview was 9 months ago already.
  4. God I hope not 5 years lol. It's obviously not that long in the grand scheme of things but I'm hoping for sooner still. But if it can't help box scars I'm left waiting anyway I guess
  5. Not sure what I said, you might be mistaking it for what lehran said. Anyway, I feel like we can’t say there’s treatment until it’s actually available
  6. If true that's too bad. Although it seemed like not much progress was being made on the product anyway so I wasn't getting my hopes up for Sunogel anyway.
  7. I get into this mindset that my scars aren't that bad and everything will be okay, just to end up thinking they're the worse thing ever a few months later lol. The back and forth of it all can be so draining. glad to hear you've made piece with yours tho and even so treatment is likely on the way.
  8. Don't understate it, it's sounds like a big deal. Once the product starts bringing in some revenue, you know Abbvie will start to see what else it can help treat. The hardest part I would think is getting the product approved. Once it is, then you can easily test it for all sorts of stuff. I noticed on Allergens website they have a product pipeline page saying what they are developing. It mentions Elastagen for skin quality and acne scars, but no mention for specifically stretch marks. Kin
  9. Yep I'll see if I can get him to respond again. I was really surprised he took the time to respond at all to me lol.
  10. Yeah I had the same worry about it excluding box/ icepick scars. I actually emailed the guy who invented the product, Dr. Weiss, and he was nice enough to respond. Here's what he said: "Our technology should eventually be applicable to other types of acne scars such as boxcar." Obviously a bare bones response and I'm sure he's not allowed to say a whole lot else since the products in development, but I appreciated he took the time to respond at all. Going by what he said. it'll just be a matter
  11. Ughh I understand that he has to say that stuff but I just wish I could get a concise answer of when it will likely launch and how well it will work lol. Back to the waiting game I guess
  12. Not a spokesperson just saw the thread and figured I link it. I was hoping it would be a better discussion but it never really amounted to anything.
  13. Looks like there is a reddit discussion going on about elastagen right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/fetym2/can_someone_explain_to_me_how_the_synthetic_skin/ One of the people who responded linked the patent for the technology: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20190062405A1/en It's a long read with a bunch of repetitive science jargon. But it sort of explains how the tropoelastin helps wound healing and there's some early study results in pig mod
  14. Yeah for sure rolling scars need better treatments too. Just hoping that it'll also help out other types. Hopefully since tropoelastin is a natural substance that the results would be permanent.