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  1. Hello, My order was shipped on the 1st of December, and now I have no news since the 8th of December it' not moving. Does anyone have the same problem ? I sent email but I have no reply Thank you !
  2. Hey ! So I made my light silk masks and it seems to be more gentle than a normal mask ! I’m using them rarely and not for a long time but the few times I wore them they were more confortable and it let the skin breathe a little bit more than a classic mask But to be honest face shields are better because I’ve notice that with a mask my moisturizer was coming off and it makes my skin flaky !
  3. Plastic face shield are great too ! I also order a silk mask on etsy so we’ll see, I’ll let you know too, really hope it’s working !
  4. Hello, Because of that corona virus we have to wear masks but that mask can cause irritation and acne so I wondered what kind of mask and which fabric is the best to avoid acne ? I saw some masks in silk or in chiffon silk, it seems to be soft and light to let the skin breathe what do you think about it ? Take care !
  5. Salut ! Je pense qu’il faut peut être que tu réduises un peu le BP, tu en as peut être utiliser plus que ce que ta peau peut supporte. Il faut le temps que ta peau se fasse au produit donc tu devrais peut-être essayer de reprendre les doses du début c’est à dire des petites doses pour commencer et augmenter la quantité au fur et à mesure tout en étant hyper délicate avec ta peau et en évitant de la toucher.
  6. Hello, I'm using the regimen since 4-5 month now, and I have some trouble with the moisturizer, my skin is really flaky around the mouth and the chin. My skin is also very uneven and brownish, I don't know what to do because I'm using the right amount of moisturizer with jojoba oil. I'm also using AHA+ but I'm quite afraid to use it some nights at full length instead of moisurizer because it itch a lot and sting on my chin little needles . What can I do to get rid oh the flakiness ? T