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  1. Based on your answer your understanding of English is more than sufficient, I'd say the problem lies elsewhere...
  2. I mean he's kind of right. It did make you look pretty dumb: people have been explaining what microcoring is for weeks, and you've been around for weeks... And you actually link some drilling shit that has nothing to do with biotechnologies and ask "hey guys is that it"? I mean yeah...
  3. Didi with the weird questions again lol
  4. Many said that in the past and were proven wrong I'm afraid. And I'm saying that even if I'm hyped about elastagen
  5. Lots of wishful thinking in this thread. I kinda share lehran's opinion about this,. I'm glad that we're apparently getting a real working treatment for stretch marks thanks to elastagen but if it doesn't work, we''ll just need to wait for something else and that's about it! Same attitude should be applied for scars imo
  6. I only hope elastagen really works for stretch marks, filling the dermis Withne elastin fibers and restoring the original look of the skin. This would literally change my life honestly.
  7. @lehranMy dermatologist told me that elastagen could very well be a revolution for striae distensae too, and I have lots of them everywhere unfortunately, so I'm really hopeful. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the explanation in any case, although I've been following discussions here for a couple months
  8. A little update from too, concerning elastagen guys: this is about hypertrophic scars. They're saying that their product potential is actually very well suited to hypertrophic scars, but that it's going to take several more years before they can find a way to properly treat them: the problem is that these scars are raised, so you kind have to find a way to eliminate the way they're "over-extended" before applying the solution. TLDR: their tropoelastin-based synthetic skin will apparent
  9. @ArmanilkoThis is super good news, thanks a lot mate
  10. I have a hard time believing that, once people find out that a product will be there to erase stretch marks, the hype could die down even 3 years after the announcement
  11. I wonder why they don't communicate more about this though: if they finally have a solution for stretch marks, then they're the only ones with a proper answer to an unsatisfied market worth billions of dollars...or maybe it's not time yet because they have yet to find the proper way of making it work? If it was ready we'd have "before/after" pictures right now.
  12. Makes sense: it provides the molecule which will help the body create lacking skin
  13. @Tom_Mason Could you add a line somewhere, to show people that we now have at least a treatment for one of the skin scarring conditions out there (stretch marks) thanks to elastagen? If I understood well, we're still not quite there yet when it comes to acne scars, atrophic scars and hypertrophic scars, if I read what @goblue1996 wrote correctly
  14. Dude, someone has to say it: thanks for all the links and stuff you've shared with us so far. I mean it really looks like you've done a lot of research in your spare time, with facts and all and I can't really help but being excited for the future with all this.
  15. I think he and other people mentioned before that elastagen is a breakthrough for atrophic scars, not hypertrophic scars. It's obviously much harder to deal with keloid scars than stretch marks obviously.