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  1. CoolKiro



    just NO broke out worst for the whole trial
  2. CoolKiro



    Did work for the first 3 months then started to break out again, i emailed them and says i should start using it in the afternoon aswell, im not disagreeing with them, i just hate putting on more products in my face.
  3. Made me break out

    i Dont know if it's because i use a different brand or not but 2 stars because it taste gud
  4. this thing is the bomb

    Worked great! but then again, it is not an acne fighting Company. Great for sensitive skin though
  5. CoolKiro

    Worked, Kind of

    Worked, Kind of

    The product like in their website stated that my acne would flare up in the first 2 weeks, well it did, but for 3weeks lmao but point being that im in the 4th month of using it now and my acne came back worst, it did help for the first 3 months, i started using OTC products with it since i emailed them if i could put OTC Products on my face because my hyperpigmentation is really really bad, they responded with yes, use the kit for a month then i can use OTC product so i did, It improved my face