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  1. hey i see really good results but i am not sure if it is micro swelling or whatsoever since i am only looking at pictures and i want to try it too
  2. I think you got improvements already!! but i am not sure.. Also, how long will the scabs be there for? I don't think I can go to work if the scabs are there for long!
  3. I have the regular johnson's baby wash. I didn't know that there was different types of shower gel. Which one is working the best for you? The wash I have keeps my face fairly clear. But it doesn't clear my bacne, even though it makes my skin feel good. wow you use johson's baby wash for your face too? i never tried well i bought both.....i think the soothing vitamin e ones is better for clearing... but i use the lavender one so i can sleep really good at night..... and sleeping is good
  4. Try using johnsons baby shower gel....the vitamin e and olive oil one.... or even lavender... they work for body acne !!! and its so cheap too!!
  5. i want to try self needling, or self dermarolling!!! because i see somewhere in the forum saying that you know your own skin better !!!!! so i want to know what do i need to do to selfneedle/dermaroll btw, I went to the beach after i got my laser before.....it didnt really do anything.....but i guess still putting on sunscreeen will be better...!
  6. Thank you ! so is it better to do needling or dermaroller?? or they are both the same??? dermaroller seems not as scary as using a needle to penetrate a scar from different angles
  7. how come no one answers me?
  8. Hi all, I m just wondering what is the difference between dermaroller and needling? I am really confused...... and what materials do we need in order to perform either of them? I am considering to try this procedure. thanks =)
  9. i think its not the scars? its the redness?
  10. i dont know if it is about age..or time? i did 3 treatments last year.. august was the last one... and i am satisfied with the results so i think it might take more than 6 months to see results?
  11. I agree and would love to see the before photos.
  12. can you define what is a low quality photo please? before i did my affirm treatment the derm told me my scars are ice pick scars and it wouldnt do much.... but i realize it actually improved a lot... BUT i think it is really important to eat the right stuff... laser treatments are to induce collagen.... but if you dont eat something that has collagen.... where can the collagen induce from ? and yes she had indented and red marks before....some chicken pox.. but i guess her scars are not TH
  13. and this is the person who i said earlier that had treatments with the chinese herbal doctor that made her scab for like 2/3 months? i dont know what else it looks like if it doesn't looks like baby skin
  14. Well.... i heard a lot of ppl whinin about ohhhh your scars will never be "removed" only "improvement" .... however I did 3 affirm treatments since august 2007..... and now when i look at the mirror.... the deeper scars i can say 70%? improved... but the shallower ones i can say 100% ? if not 90%? but dammnnnn i got moreee new scars from 2 months ago?? so I am thinking if i should do affirm again? or needling?? seems like needling works more since it makes ur skin scab?? by the way, i was 18 whe