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  1. jmcsm

    1 Month

    So it has been a month. I have been really busy and stressed with family and work hence the lack of updates. Current Condition Some nodules have popped up. Skin is dry on jawline. PIH is pretty bad at this point It is almost the time of the months for me that could be one of the reasons. I also have skipped some applications. Basically, I have slacked. I am a little worried that I will not follow through. I am still trying to get as much veggies as possible in although it has proved t
  2. Diet/ Holistic Probiotics as usual. Had an apple, carrot and lemon smoothie today. DId not get much veggies in at all. Had a lot of pasta. Face Still flaking on jawline and oily everywhere else. i notice my breakouts go down faster now. Last Night Cleanse BP AHA This Morning Cleanse BP AHA Moisturize
  3. Diet/ Holistic Probiotics as usual. Had an apple again. DId not get in as much veggies as I wanted. I have been having quite a bit of breads and muffins lately just because its convenient. I also have had a bit of cheese. Face Still flaking on jawline and oily everywhere else. I have quite a few spots coming up on the area behind my ear near my hairline. So i am extending the treatment there as well until it gets better. I am getting frustrated with the hard nodules which refuse to come to
  4. Diet/ Holistic Probiotics as usual. Had an apple this morning. Managed to get in 5 servings of veg and fruit today. Had green tea as well. Still haven't figured out smoothie plan yet. Face Still flaking on jawline. Not as tight anymore but really shiny and oily. Forehead is very smooth except for scars and healing spots. Have pretty big new inflamed spot near my left ear. Hope it goes down fast.. Last Night Cleanse BP AHA Moisturize Moisturize (again after 15 minutes) This Mornin
  5. Hi, I think the best advice I can give you is to do a search on the forums for success topics. People who are clear following some regimen or some specific diet. You can read up because there are so many different things that work differently for everyone. Its pretty hard to just recommend something. Good luck and welcome to the org!
  6. Possibly too much AHA. I get that when I use too much AHA although using my normal amount is completely fine with no reaction. Try it out again with less AHA or just use one step at a time don't mix them together. I have not personally used jojoba oil so I can't comment on that. However if it really hurts, you definitely wash it off. You don't want your skin to be irritated too much.
  7. About the prescription for 1 months and appointment in 2 months. Definitely call them to check again if he got it wrong. Try out the doxy and see how it goes. Hope it works well for you. Doesn't seem like your derm is very nice =/ Sorry about that.
  8. It is different for everyone. If the redness and peeling is very bad, use only a pea sized amount of BP once a day first. Then work up to twice a day and slowly increase dosage only when you feel your skin is handling it ok. Some people are more sensitive to BP than others. Use more moisturiser if you have to. If you are worried your skin might look oily during the day, Use regular amount of oisturiser during the day and double up during the night routine. Good luck with it!
  9. Agreed 6-7 hours is nromal and its actually a very long time before your skin gets oily. The best way is use blotting sheets to blot the oil away. You can use tissues which are very absorbent as well but try not to spread it all over your face. Just pat it off.
  10. jmcsm

    Week 3 Update

    Products Cleanser: Laneige Pore Clear Cleansing Foam BP: Benzac AC 5% Moisturiser: Rosken Dry Skin Cream Sunscreen: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 55 AHA: Apha Hydrox Enchanced Lotion In week 3 I have been consistently using all the products above day and night except sunscreen. Routine Night Cleanse BP AHA Mositurize Morning Cleanse BP AHA Moisturize Sunscreen(only sometimes)-avoiding to test if they are clogging my pores Holistic/Diet 2 weeks+ into the Probiot
  11. Diet/ Holistic Probiotics as usual. No fruit or smoothie this morning. I'm worried because I seem to be slacking off on this. What's more is I will probably go to office earlier from now on. I need to figure out a plan! I am trying to compensate with veggies but not doing well on that either. Face Face flaking a lot on my jawline. Overall skin feels tight especailly after regimen in the morning. Not so much at night for some reason. I have decided to put on moisturiser twice at night to try
  12. Sorry its about makeup but she is probably the most popular acne affected youtuber. Her acne is a lot better now. She talks about acne a lot in her videos. She has acne on her face, and body. She has quite a few issues, she has health problems that doesn't allow her to take accutane. I believe she had some liver issues as well at one point.
  13. I'm sorry you feel depressed, I know its a shitty time. Nobody understands and you feel like you will never get out of it. First of all, don't blame your dad. I'm sure he never wanted acne either and he never wanted you to have acne. Acne can be hereditary but a lot of other things affect it as well. I expereince the same thing my dad had acne and terrible scarring as do I. I'm sorry your dad doesn't seem to understand but I would say he is trying the best he can. He is only trying to make yo
  14. Personally, it depends on the severity of your acne. Go in with an open mind, listen to what he/she has to say, share your concerns with him/her then you can make your own decisions. I don't think there is any guarantee that you won't have an initial breakout from any products. Firstly, if you do breakout, it is possible that its not even because of what you are prescribed. There are too many things that affect acne. Everyone reacts differently. The strangest thing might work for one person b
  15. Your reaction to BP is completely normal for most people. Just thought I'd let you know. Like most people who start on the Regimen, experiences that. Some worse than others but your reaction seems pretty normal to me nothing severe.