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  1. Think my days of acne are finally gone, been a long 6 or so years...so that leaves a lot of scars. Just wanted to know what kind of scars I seem to have, there's a LOT of large pores, rough texturing and discolored/patchy skin, and I wasn't entirely sure how i'd label/handle that kinda stuff esp. since my skin is kinda dark (so stuff like dermabrasion might be problematic, esp. since i'm out of the house most of the time). Is there any chance this will just go away after a while? or am I better
  2. yeah, dude, that's my story right there too, almost exactly. Acne pretty much ruined my life throughout my freshman and soph years, and cost me a girl who i'd liked for 7 years (she moved away JUST when I was getting over the stupid self-conscious stage ) aanyway, by watching my friends I kept telling myself 'if they can do it, why can't I? I'm no different just bc of my face' so I managed to get a lot of missed stuff accomplished in my senior year alone, especially prom night, which I attended
  3. Didn't know where else to put this topic, seems as it might be result of skin damage due to acne I decided to post here. The deal is, i'm only 17...and I have permanent forehead lines already I'm not sure how or why, maybe b/c I used too many acne lotions etc on my face? Well it's quite noticeable. My friend in school pointed it out to me in room that was quite dark (i guess it's more prominent in natural light) so it kept bothering me that I had forehead lines; they're always on my forehead,
  4. oh it's kind of hard to tell because of the flash I used there. What I meant is I have this chain of dark spots on my face (especially left cheek) where it's very visible from a distance. It's basically like partly healed wounds, but the skin at that part is left really dark and another layer has healed over it (it feels smooth, but the inside is obviously quite dark) been there for quite a while....so basically dark spots under the outer layer(s) of my skin)
  5. believe me i've considered the possibilty hehe. But by trying things I meant temporary stuff like creams, proactive etc. Makeup would probably go under that (if I had tried it in the first place, that is ) I just want to know a more permanent solution to get rid of my scars faster, i've had these for like 3 yrs.
  6. oh sorry about that :eek: . I just updated it with sharper images.
  7. Not as bad as they were last year, but still kinda stand out especially since I have a dark complexion...but I want to try n get rid of most of it so my face will look clean for at least one high school year :wink: I'm looking for a inexpensive yet effective way to treat this (I don't think chemical peels will work for me since when something heals on my face its usually more bright and pink than my usual skin color, and it takes a while for it to return to the 'default' complexion) If you guys
  8. heya guys, in the last 4 months or so i've had this 'rough' skin on my right cheekbone. it's the size of my index fingerprint, and it houses like 3 small pimples below it (hard to pop, i can barely feel them, one of them is a bit outside) i lost patience a month ago and tried to rub it off, it scabbed, then it's back. I think its better but im not sure, mite be getting hopes up. By the way, it just looks rough, or is very minutely rougher than the rest of my skin...when i run my finger over it i
  9. hey guys, earlier this year I chose a treatment of bp+monocycline(sp) capsules for 4 months, and throughout that period i was pretty much 90% acne free with minor breakouts now and then that went away in the next couple of days. Now i'm done the treatment and i'm getting a LOT less breakouts than before, but i'm still getting like 5 new bumps on my face every other day. So i was wondering, just how serious should ur acne be when you'd consider accutane? B/c i kinda feel like my skin's been abus
  10. Hey guys, thing is, sometimes I get these weird pimples that if I don't pop it, they heal, but don't go away. I'd still have a huge bump on my face that has hard skin over it, and it becomes even worse over time as pimples may form over it etc. This is why i'm forced to pop 'those' pimples (I lay off just about any other) but the thing is those ones are huge and leave scabs/possible scars on my face. I usually get like 1 per week. Any idea on how i can effectively get rid of those? Cuz i tried l