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  1. I actually got mine at my pharmacy before I realized walmart had it, so I'm not sure what brand, but it was between $6-7. I didnt think Walmart would have it so I just went ahead and got it while I was picking up my Accutane Rx to take to Walmart because they were cheaper for the tane(no insurance was $135 for Claravis 40 mg x 30). No its not topical its pill form. 20 mg from my pharmacy, walmart had higher MG for cheaper so I'll buy it there next time.
  2. I started swimming to lose weight about 1 mo. ago, and started Accutane yesterday. Is it safe to keep swimming while I'm on it(forgot to ask the doc)? Has anyone been burned by the chlorine from swimming while on Accutane? I took my first dose last night and this morning the acne I had was considerable reduced. Is that normal? From what I've heard most people get considerably worse, not better. I'm excited that its worked so quickly, I'm just curious if its a normal reaction? Also would you re
  3. You might try DanActive, yogurt is good for yeast infections anyway so it will help with that, plus DanActive has L. casei immunitas that strenghten your immunity. I used to drink 1/day, and I didn't get a cold or any kind of illness for over a year. Here is a link for more info.... DanActive
  4. First I want to say thanks to the lady that told us about this stuff to begin with. She said shes pays somewhere around $30/mo on amazon. I went to my local Pharmacy yesterday and got 30 for around $8(lost my receipt) I also found it at Walmart even cheaper than that. Just thought I'd post for all those that were wondering where to get it