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  1. I am believer that the most important part about health is what we eat and drink. I love kale and spinach and veggies, but I also love mac and cheese,donuts ,cakes, and fries. Part of me wants to be very healthy and another part of me believes in balance and martinis. When I had acne, I was doing so much research on good supplements and healthy foods, so I still practice a lot of it. My skin is damaged from acne and I still break out if I skip some of my regime and at the same time now I have t
  2. Mine would be: Spend less time trying to care what others think of you or your face. Focus on now and work it. Go to see the dermatologist as soon as possible!
  3. HI! My questions to those who are finally " cured" from the acne now, or feel better and have it under control. If you could send a message to yourself back then when you were suffering from acne and feeling very horrible, what would it be? Please share.
  4. I absolutely adore your post. Thank you so much for a great analysis. I especially agree with today's "beautiful inside and out" phrase popularity that does have a great intention but still fuels the shallow outlook. However, it is amazing how when we like someone for who they are "inside", they somehow magically seem very attractive physically "outside". I personally do think Turia is beautiful outside as well-she has beautiful eyes, great hair and great body that many don't. Also, physical b
  5. When I was on Accutane, my derm recommended me glycolic acid wash he was selling at his office. I found Aqua Glycolic Acid wash on Amazon that was much cheaper. I washed my face with that. I followed up with 100% Witch Hazel toner and was using CeRave lotion for dryness. I hope that helps!
  6. The other day I read an article about a young lady named Turia Pitt. She is a very beautiful young lady who has a very unique and crazy story. She used to be a normal young girl and a model until she got into a bushfire while competing in a race that burned 65% of her body leaving her very mutilated (you can Google her if you like). The accident forced her to lose a couple of her fingers as well. Right now she looks different but she is still a very happy and absolutely gorgeous inside and out
  7. I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. I would say connecting with other acne sufferers like on this website helped me so much when I was going through cystic acne. I was able to feel understood and felt other members' support. Big hug to you sweetie. Do know it gets better.
  8. Nice regime! Glad it is going so well for you. I love Witch Hazel as a refresher instead of toner these days. I get 100% Witch Hazel at Target and pour it into a bottle left from a coconut water face spray. I spray it after cleanse my face with a toner and before the serums/oils etc.
  9. iCogito


    I am very glad it was helpful. Yes, it is very tough to deal with the pain alone. And often when some do not understand it, we need to still voice it. I had problem skin for so long, and I still have to explain it to my close family members over and over again. You would think they should know by now, but no. haha
  10. iCogito


    I saw my old blog entries on this website. I am not sure if I am sad reading them, or I just don't care. Acne is the last straw to whoever has/had self-esteem issues. It does scar you, it does hurt you in many ways yet so many do not get it. Like the way people say that acne is not a big deal, or they say to wash your face when you are agonizing about it during your sleepless nights. I mean, they call a person who burned their face a bit or has a tiny war scar- ugly, or scarred ...yet acne s
  11. I was on Accutane twice, but still have sensitive skin, breakouts here and there, scarring..etc I wash my face with any good cleanser in the shower - African Black Soap, Rosehip Cleanser, or Clean&Clear yellow one, and always follow with Mandelic Acid toner, or Miscellar Water. Then I dry my face, and use tiny bit of peptide serum-some Korean brand, then Tarte's Maracuja OIl (I also use Rosehip oil or Black Seed oil instead of Maracuja sometimes). Right before I go to bed, I apply CeRave
  12. Well, I guess some parents are just that way. It does not mean they do not care, or do not love you. I could go way deeper into that, feel free to message me if you want to. Some people are just the way they are. I found a part-time job while I was going to school to pay for my acne treatments when I was super young (that is with parents who were in MEDICAL FIELD), is that an option for you? I also researched and did a lot of home/natural remedies. Just hang in there, I know it is tough, I am
  13. OK, my question is - what have you tried so far to treat it? I have been having weird breakout first time in a few years, and was just reading about seborrheic dermatitis wondering if that I what I have. I got this breakout after I had my first pumpkin peel. Anyways, I got CeRave lotion I have not used for a while, and back to my Maracuja oil.
  14. I absolutely adore La Roche Posay , Anthelios 50 Mineral Tinted Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid. I tfirst ried it when I got a sample at my derm's office. It is very good. Lasts very long.
  15. I have this one quote I really like. It goes, " For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin — real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life". Waiting is the losing game. You need to get the best out of everything. It does not have to be jumping and down, dancing on tables kind