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  1. When I started school two years ago, I found out I couldn't eat bread made of wheat. I got stomach problems. So I just ate rice for lunch the two years I went there. Didn't have any problems with acne. Then I started to work and I didn't want to eat rice for lunch since it would seem weird for my new co workers, lol! So I bought bread made of wheat again and ate it with cheese. I got stomach problems and a VERY bad breakout. I didn't know what to do! I decided to cut out dairy from my diet and a
  2. Has anyone experience with MD Formulations? I've been using the Facial Lotion, Facial Cleanser and Advanced Hydrating Complex Creme (plus Total Protector SPF 30) for 14 days now. I've noticed that my face has become a little bit worse, but it seems like it's cleaning out my pores or something, lol! I'm just wondering if it will get better or should I stop using them?
  3. It's called Dove Indulging Cream Shower. I apply it straight from the bottle on dry skin and leave in on for a few minutes (usually until my skin becomes slightly red). Then I wash it off with water and dry my skin with a clean towel. I used to do it once a day in the morning, but now I do it before I go to bed as well.
  4. Hi! I know how frustrating it is. You've probably read and even tried the advice given here about washing with this soap and that soap. I tried washing with Head and shoulders, but it didn't make a difference on my bacne. Then just recently I bought Dove. I don't remember the exact name of it (I can find it later if you want to try this) but I just applied it on my back straight from the bottle in the mornings without showering. I just left it on while doing other stuff. After a while my back tu
  5. I haven't eaten any wheat since November. I no longer have backacne!
  6. I haven't eaten bread since I started this thread and the acne I have on my back is clearing up! yaay! I eat rice when I'm at school and when I come home I eat other stuff. It's working great!
  7. Thanks for the replies! It's hard to get other types of bread here where I live, so that's why I want to stop eating it. I already know I'm allergic to wheat, and I want to see if the acne on my back disappears if I stop eating bread completely. I get cysts on my back and I'm pretty sure it's diet related. I ate raw carrots and cooked rice today at school, lol! I guess I just have to be creative and try out new things. I'll let you know how it goes! I already cured the acne I used to get on m
  8. I want to stop totally. I found out recently that bread is upsetting my stomach. So I was wondering if I stop eating bread, my stomach problems will go away and also my back acne. I've tried eating other breads than wheat breads, but it still upsets my stomach.
  9. Hi! I really want to stop eating bread, but I don't know what to replace the bread with! Anyone have some ideas? Like what should I eat at school?
  10. Has anyone been on it and seen a difference? I've been reading about it and I wonder if it will have a positive effect on my skin.
  11. SezgiN, lauramarie is talking about the advice you got from ditabird about trying witch hazel on your face. It's good for soothing the face. You can also try lauramarie's advice and go to a Body Shop and buy a tea tree oil toner. If I were you I'd only wash the face with water and don't put anything on it until it has calmed down a bit. I don't know how irritated your skin is right now, but it helps when my skin is red and hurts.
  12. I forgot to add in my reply up there that I use 5% bp (that's the only one I can get here). Should I still use a full finger?
  13. Not much, maybe half a finger. I don't treat my entire face, only where I usually get the cysts.
  14. Hi! I've been on the regimen for almost two months now and my back is clear (yay!!), but I get more acne on my face than I used to before the regimen! Is that normal? I used to only get a few cysts on my cheeks. I've applied bp on those areas to prevent them from forming, but now I get more of them and very often! I also get cysts on my chin. Do you think it will stop soon? Is it normal?