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  1. Yes I’ve seen some improvements on my icepick scars with cross on the forehead and right temples. Unfortunately though the scars on the left temple area widened for me. Not really sure why.
  2. I'm on my upcoming 3rd treatment with Dr. Rullan and he said I could start getting up filler. He mentioned I could get Sculptra or Juvederm on my check area because of volume loss. Does anyone have a experience having filler with him? I hear mixed reviews on this sub Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you
  3. Thank you all for the feedback guys! Will keep you posted on my progress. I have decided to do more subcision and cross with Dr. Rullan this coming September. Is it okay if I skip the microneedling though?
  4. Good to know. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'd definitely get more rounds of CROSS before filler. Not really sure tho which one is better. for pitted scars. TCA or Phenol Cross? Didn't know that fillers can't be injected on the temples. Glad I asked and thank you for letting me know. Not really sure what percentage were used because Dr. Rullan didn't inform me. Though he applied it widely over all the scars. How about erbium laser? Would that help?
  5. Hello all. I suffer from severe acne and I've been seeing Dr. Rullan for the past few months now to get some treatment Here's a quick timeline: March 2020 - subcision, cross & microneedling June 2020 - subcision, cross & erbium laser I've seen probably 15% improvement on my cheek area but my really main concern here is my temples. I don't see much improvement from my last 2 treatments and I think my left temple became worse. From the looks of it, I think the scars widened. It