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  1. I guess so. Perhaps verteporfin is something that can help people but to be honest I think it (the solution) may very well not be in the future but in the present. It's an interesting thought, the idea that the solution is here already. That it's just being kept from us... Recently I saw an interview with Fiona Wood who works with burn victims and she's been thinking about scarless healing for years she says and one thing she started wondering was about why dogs lick their wounds. Thi
  2. There's a show about hairloss where people call in and share their stories and experiences with treatments etc. and the presenter has said recently that he started that show in 1998 and since then all new ideas regarding treatments started out promising maybe but then they fizzled out i.e. the researchers/developers didn't maintain momentum and nothing ever came to fruition. So he's kinda "cynical" now though he did speak of something that's in the pipeline and he's going to follow it because yo
  3. Closest thing to that is the idea of an enzyme that dissolves scar tissue. I assume it's applied topically. If I remember correctly the Birch biomed people who work(ed) on FS2 also spoke of this.
  4. lmao Who? Who said that? It says on Sunogel's site that they've achieved scarless healing, dude. They ain't lying either. At least I don't think so. If you are concerned/curious about them (i.e. Sunogel) send them an e-mail. [email protected]
  5. Sunogel's been working on it for ten years it says on their website where they also say that they've actually achieved full skin restoration in their pre-clinical phase. If they're lying then that's psychopathic/sociopathic/whatever which isn't outside of the realm of possibility but I don't think they're frauds. Maybe some of things you brought up are bad signs but I'm still interested in them. Of course you've gotta avoid getting too excited too soon. That's true but I've seen Mr. Sun in
  6. Really looking forward to more news from Sunogel. I really think it's a promising treatment!
  7. Yeah, that's the idea; that the body regenerates tissue after an injury instead of sealing off the wound as fast as possible through creating a scar which it does to avoid possible death due to infection. Small wounds heal without scarring. Larger ones don't unless the body, I guess in a certain way is tricked into thinking there's no risk of infection? Not sure. I think there's something on Sunogel's site where they say something about the exact approach/idea/concept.
  8. You say "humans don't know how to perfectly regenerate skin" but the human body however does. People aim to enable to the body to "do its trick" which is something they either already know how to do or are close to being able to.
  9. Hey sorry to hear about the money.
  10. That's great. Thanks. Would be great if it can actually help a lot of people to finally "move on" after dealing with scars for so long.
  11. I don't think moolah is an issue for all these companies, really. Also, though helpful in and of itself, hundred thousand dollars isn't a lot relatively/in this context. Especially if it gets divided amongst various startups. So keep your money in your pocket or use it to buy yourself some drinks or a good meal or something. I'm sure that's what the startups/companies would tell us as well.
  12. Sunogel's CEO(?) said that someone told him he'd rather die than continue living with scars and the CEO said that there was no need to kill yourself because Sunogel's product works. I don't think he would have said that if Sunogel's product was 20 years away from becoming available. As if he's say to the guy "Just hold on for another 20 years and then you can get your scars fixed!". lol
  13. https://www.sunogel.com/pipeline/ They say they will complete preclinical studies by the end of the third quarter of this year! I also spoke to a doctor when I worked in a hospital who said that it's certain to become a reality (scarless healing) but it's not yet known exactly when. If one wants to get cynical and say that making money is the primary reason they do anything then I think making scarless healing real is definately their goal as I think one can make the most money th
  14. Don't know if this has already been posted but here it is regardless: https://www.trialsitenews.com/first-patient-enrolled-in-birchbiomeds-trial-focusing-on-fs2-for-scar-treatment/ It's about FS2 where they say that FS2 isn't scarless healing but merely provides cosmetic enhancement, if I understood correctly in the last section of the article. Maybe it can help a lot of people "get over" their scars if said enhancement is great enough. The photos of RXI-109-1402 in action an