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  1. Thanks for posting these results. I see six photos all of which I see scarring in. So that's not a very promising result in my eyes.
  2. On Sunogel's website they've had more concrete info for a while now, showing at what point they are when it comes to bringing their product to fruition. There's plenty of hope...or rather it's just a matter of time before they can fix whatever is "wrong" with you. Keep your chin up. Focus on the good things in your life and make the best of every day.
  3. No, I was referring to a more serious injury I believe he had. He mentioned this in a video in which he spoke to an audience. Here he says that he was burned by a strong acid once resulting in hypertrophic scarring.
  4. Sun from Sunogel has been scarred himself so I'm sure he's motivated to make scarless healing a reality as he has skin in the game.
  5. Cool. Looking forward to it. The people from Birch biomed seem genuine to me. They seem to really have something that has a worthwhile effect.
  6. I usually don't get shocked or repulsed or anything whenever I see someone who has acne in public. I might notice...but I don't react strongly emotionally. It's kind of like "Hey, this person has acne" and then that's all I think. There's no "Ewww!" or anything. Once or twice I've come across a person with "bad" acne where they had acne which actually took away somewhat from their looks. In those cases I'd wonder how they were dealing with it, psychologically but I'd never bring it up in a con
  7. I'm sorry you all have gone through all of those things. I'm 38 and though I guess I have my moments I'm no longer "generally there" as I heard someone say recently. She said the thought of suicide was always there on some level... Just like writer Stephen King who said he has always been "quasi-suicidal". Maybe life on Earth is one stage and after that comes the next...and after that the next..until ultimately we all find peace. You can't really escape certain realities through death I think
  8. I remember hearing an interview with someone who did research which could lead to a cure for cancer and he said he didn't have a problem with cancer as it was "just nature's way of clearing the stage for the next generation" and he didn't go out of his way to make sure his findings would get into the hands of people who could then bring it to the clinic. He went on like that saying how he thought it was a misconception to think that researchers etc. do what they do out of altruism and that they
  9. I've heard bone can also regenerate.
  10. This thread has been going for eleven years. They "stepped in" once in the past where it was temporarily closed. I don't think they'll do that again as there's no real point. I also don't think they'll lock it permanently.
  11. Fibrostop failed? Well what hope is there then for FS2 if the basic principle has already proven to be ineffective? Birch biomed's FS2
  12. The FS2 pic gives me mixed feelings. I mean it's another one of those vague, poor quality photos which kinda makes me think they are not so excited to share a proper pic? At the same time there does seem to be a real, substantial improvement.
  13. Ryan spoke of that in an interview where he mentioned it wasn't yet known how it would be classified. If it's been classified by now officially as a drug then yeah, it's gonna take some time.
  14. Yes, that's how I've understood it as well. That FS2 is supposed to prevent the formation of fibrous tissue and thus enable our skin to regenerate normally. I thought at some point it was only for hypertrophic scars but then someone mentioned that the guy called Ryan from Birch biomed that created FS2 said it was for all scar types.