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  1. I have to admit, i couldnt live without make up!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!
  2. Some mums, dads etc do this thing called 'tough love'. They think if they are hard on you, you will toughen up. Doesnt seem to work when your feeling crap from having acne! I know, my parents can be the same. They tell me you can hardly notice my spots blah blah blah but the fact is.... I CAN!!!!!!!! Stay strong, keep your chin up and remember that parents arent always perfect. Sometimes they are just trying to help although it doesnt always seem that way. Im 25 now and have just realised that
  3. your age: I am 25 your nationality/race: I am white British your side of the world: London england!!! An interesting fact about yourself: I once met Michael Jackson
  4. Oh and also, does anybody know wether diet majorly effects your skin? I have heard different opinions on this
  5. Hey everyone I just wanted to ask everyone if they also want to hide away when they get flare ups of acne? Mine isnt as bad as some, however it makes me so upset when my skin gets bad. I feel ugly, disgusting and even though i have been with my partner for a long time, when i feel this way i dont want him to see me and even sleep with a full face of make up because im scared he will think im ugly I am on dianette to try and control my flare ups but it hardly works. I use Quinoderm on my face
  6. Loo

    my ever changing skin!!

    My skin with make up