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  1. The smallest dosage of Accutane is 10mg. Also, because of the nature of Accutane (not water soluble), taking two larger doses per week would be about the same as seven smaller doses each day.
  2. To answer your questions... 1) From what I've read, the brand *does* make a difference. What also might make a difference is capsule vs. powder form. Powder supposedly is easier to absorb and therefore more effective. I personally use Solgar B5 capsules and they work pretty well. 2) I started B5 about one year ago. I'm now down to 2.5g per day as a 'maintenance dose'. 3) B5 still *seems* effective, but I haven't totally gone off of it to test it. Like with you, I didn't notice complete c
  3. Although zinc loss might be a contributor, I don't think that it's the only reason why I break out from masturbating. I'm a pretty good control case because I've treated my acne well enough (and perhaps I'm old enough) so that I'm not naturally oily anymore. Masturbating does, in fact, make me oily almost immediately afterward. I doubt that the loss of zinc would have that immediate of an impact. The more likely contributor, for me at least, is something hormonally related.
  4. Yes, your acne can become immune to topical antibiotics, just as your acne can become immune to oral antibiotics.
  5. I use Solgar pantothenic acid, which is a capsule. Also take Solgar biotin and male multiple to supplement the pantothenic acid. I like it. But I think the powder forms are probably better for you in that they're more easily absorbed and already contain other supplements (like biotin and b-complex vitamins) to help balance the massive amount of B5 you're taking. I don't use the powders because I feel like it's too inconvenient.
  6. When I lived in Orange County, I went to a dermatologist in Westminster (Little Saigon area) named Dr. Tien Nguyen. Out of 10, I'd give him a 7. I'm not sure, but I imagine he'd prescribe duac + minocycline. Hope this helps!
  7. I used the AOR brand, which I had heard was one of the highest quality boswellic acid makers. http://www.relentlessimprovement.com/shop/...a-serrata-.html One of the cool benefits of boswellia was that I didn't get sore after exercising. Didn't do a lot for my sebum, though.
  8. I tried boswellic acid pills...didn't have any impact for me. Tried it for about two months, though, so maybe I didn't give it enough time.
  9. Alcohol makes me break out. Beer, vodka, rum, whatever...
  10. 80mg/week, in theory, shouldn't do you any long-term harm. Most doctors are concerned about triglyceride levels, depressesion, etc. I'm guessing your derm has got all that covered. One other thing that has been hypothesized is reduced bone density. My dermatologist said it's not a concern, but it's something you can bring up with your doctor.
  11. Alcohol definitely breaks me out...then again, so does Coke. Vodka + Coke would be lethal for me, but I must say that vanila stoli and coke is a wonderful drink. I keep telling myself that I'll go sober when I go clubbing...then I get there and need a drink (or eight) to loosen up.
  12. Yes, you can and will develop a resistance to topical antibiotics. I don't think that it's common for your acne to come back *worse* than before you started, but it's obviously happened to some people here. If you're scared of resistance to topical antibiotics, you can try BenzaClin or Duac, which are amalgams of benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. Apparently your acne is much less likely to become resistance to the combination of the two than to either product alone. It can be really drying,
  13. I've heard similar things as sissuperstar. Several dermatologists have told me that the severe and mild cases of acne are less likely to recur than moderate. I guess I'm a part of that case study. My acne has come back after each round of Accutane.
  14. Well, it's an old antibiotic, but it will come in a new vehicle that allows it to be administered topically. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=45208
  15. Apparently so... http://www.allp.com/drug_dev.htm However, topical acne medications may not need such stringent review. People are expecting Aczone, the new dapsone topical, to be approved later this year when it was submitted to the FDA in September 2004 (the site above says that that step takes an average of 2.5 years). I'm not sure when preclinical testing for Aczone began.