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  1. sunogel has failed, don't count on it. As for micro-coring, I share the exact same reservations as @Skin Pessimistdoes. I'm a bit biased though, as I'm only looking for ways to get rid of the stretch marks I have on literally all my joints (I don't have scars or acne scars), and elastagen has the solution for that. It's quite simple overall though: elastagen was bought for hundreds of millions of dollars by a behemoth of the comestic fillers world erven before scientific papers were out (th
  2. Didn't know he had a wikipedia page...damn, that's one hell of a list of accomplishements
  3. You needed to quote me 4 times? Xd Elastagen should take something like 2-3 years to come out
  4. Some good news about elastagen: I asked a famous dermatologist in Washington (Harvard degree + John Hopkins hospital degree) about elastagen, since she had the chance to see the product not too long ago, and she told me that it's going to be a real game changer for stretch marks (she didn't mention body scars and hypertrophoc scars though). I was linked this from her secretary (check the attached file) So bottomline, it's nothing new, but this is another element that kinda valid
  5. Nothing new here pal. Just re-read the conversations that occured the last 10 pages: Elastagen is merely mentioned as the solution that will fix stretch marks, not hypertrophic scars. I asked my own dermatologist here in Berlin, and he told me that their tropoelastin-based solution is going to be revolutionary to striae distensae/striae gradivarium and stretch marks in general...not so much for the rest. In fact, you mentioned something that's very accurate: "Tropoelastin injections is said
  6. I sent a mail to allergan and abbvie, telling them that I heard about elastagen, and that I volunteered to be part of any clinical trial phase that would occur for stretch marks. I don't know if they'll be interested, but I'll keep you guys updated.
  7. Fuck me, I didn't know you could get this from steroids...
  8. If perfect scarless healing happens, it's not gonna happen before decades imo. We don't need perfection, we need techniques which will make all these skin problems to be so diminished that they will be undetectable for a normal human eye (so yeah, close to 100%, but not quite). The difference between close-perfection to perfection is enormous, the higher you get, the harder it is to get there.
  9. I would like to see some results from elastagen themselves when it comes to stretch marks though, you know, just to be reassured. Sure, the whole concept makes a lot of sense (stimulating elastogenesis and filling the void with synthetic skin in order to restore the skin's overall look and smoothness), but a few pictures would go a long way.
  10. I think it's still a good question for a lot of people. I couldn't care less about having synthethic skin instead of "real skin" as long as the material is basically exactly the same and it's not dangerous. I only care about getting back the smooth skin I had before I got stretch marks, like other people do. BUT it is something to take into account for some people. Scars can actually make you feel proud of something sometimes. One question though: you mentioned people's perception of you de
  11. Nah, I'm not going to do that. First, putting pigments on stretch marks is not a good idea in general, in the long-term, and it doesn't really address the problem that much, imo. I might have considered it if no good option was in sight, but with elastagen having developed a proper product for filling the void of stretch marks with synthethic skin, I can wait a few years honestly.
  12. It's basically exactly the same for me, but it's about my stretch marks. They're not particularly huge, they're your usual stretch marks, but I have them on all my joints since puberty. Women don't seem to care about them at all, in fact none ever mentioned them, but it's still a big problem for me. I don't have acne scars, no scars at all in general, but the fact that I have lots of stretch marks as a man (and I was never big) is something that is depressing, for sure.
  13. Is it physically painful in your case? Because if it's not about the aesthethics, I completely understand where you're coming from. Having to deal with pain on a daily basis because of scars really is a problem. If it's just about looks, then it's purely about accepting you how you are at the moment. I have lots of stretch marks from puberty, and although it's something that seriously annoys me, and that prevents me from showing skin in several situations, at least women don't seem to care
  14. There's some discussion about elastagen going on on quora if you guys are interested: https://qr.ae/TjDbJf
  15. Tons of people have stretch marks. Most people in fact. And even though they're not considered as scars since they're more like zones where elastin fibers couldn't grow rather than skin lesions, the fact that we're going to be able to treat them is a really big thing imo. I don't know, I took a look at conversations from months ago in this thread, and tons of people are talking about stretch marks too. Also, isn't elastagen very promising for scars as well?