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  1. feeling very low..n like i dont wanna b here no more....the acne on my lower face . jawline and neck is just awful i was in so much pain yesterday just applying moisturiser ive had enough.... big red marks..n ones that havent come up... n puss filled ones...... marks left by spots that have been there from months ago.. x
  2. hi there.. i saw a dermatologist around 2 years ago... gave me differin..im still using it today.... you have to be very careful with it.... im silly... i hate anyone seeing me with no make up on..so i tend to walk around my house with either a face mask on..or a thick layer of cream / moisturiser ( dont ask why ..im insane ) erm.. n yes.... i keep making the same mistake..i will sometimes put a thick layer of differin on also.... not good really..as it really does dry youre skin out..n make it
  3. erm hiiiiiiiiiiii.. iv been reading on here different make up n stuff..i just wana say... i cleanse...then use bp..then moisturise....i then use a cream that is supposed to help with eccess oil.... i apply that( but often leaves my face feeling....sort of....powdery? ...then..wait like 10 min....apply foundation....which is always too greasy.... followed by sometimes concealer stick..then.....loose powder with brush...........10 minutes later... i can c my skin oily / greasy / shiny.... i reall
  4. clare1981

    never seen without make up :(

    its makin my skin worse i know..but i cant go without it... my hair hides alot (mainly where my acne is the worse.....jawline..lower half of face..n mainly neck :( x
  5. Hey brandy, I just purchased Dan's treatment solution. I did not get the cleanser. Will the Purpose Bar or Face Wash work well with the treatment when I begin using it? I'm assuming the Cetaphil lotion will be sufficient as well.
  6. i find using make up makes my skin really oily n greasy.. can u recommend any nn oily/ greasy foundations..powders.? am i appliying correctly.? i use a supposedly oil free sorta moisturies thingy to help oil control..n deminish it...leave it 5 minutes..apply foundation.... (which i think i use to much..but only way i cover them) then a loose powder..with a brush...after like 10 minutes... im greasy n oily again..everyone comments on my skin..like..eww have u washed ya face in chip fat... :\ and
  7. hi.. i need advice.. had this problem for as long ad i can remember... acne..greasy. oily and also dry skin... anything i use on my face makesw it look worse..my doc told me quit the make up all together.... but thats easier said than done.. i cleanse toner n moisturise daily... wen i go to apply my make up..i use a base .(to apparently stop shine) but after iv applied it..makes my skin feel powdery...i then follow it by foundation.. which i guess use too much.... then.... loosse powder..applie
  8. clare1981

    hi im new

    hi there.. im clare.. 26 from leeds.. duno how to type all this down... always had acne since iv bin like 10yr old.. its flarred up again recently..alot worse ..(how it used to be) it dosent help suffering with a disorder too.. just feel like how i did a year ago... i finally thought i was gettin better..until this flare up that came about 3 months ago...on my jawline n neck...tons of spots..ive had the nlite laser once.. but i felt it was kinda seedy.? a woman.. i travelled to this so called pl