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  1. cut the 50 mg pill into two pieces and take 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening. I dont think your suppost to take much more than that, maybe 100 mg tops, but most people stick to 50 mg per day. You should take a copper supplement with it, as zinc depletes the copper in your body, which can lead to depression.
  2. I agree completely, and I'm jealous that you train mma, I'm a HUGE fan. I guess hitting the weights and playing basketball will have to suffice. But yeah, doing some sort of physical activity, or at least getting your body in shape, is something you CAN control. Your confidence will come soon after.
  3. "same here, i have never liked guys that have perfect skin...I'd rather have them rouffed up looking" Well in that case, I must be a complete stud, cause I'm rouffed ? up to the max lol. Seriously though, I have seen some girls with severe acne that look amazingly beautiful to me. Its there eyes.. a nice smile can be the icing on the cake. For the guys out there, I have severe scarring, and I still get looked at by girls. I know its been beaten like a drum, but going to the gym and getting in s
  4. I think we're twins. That sounds like my life story you just wrote. I can totally relate with your feeling that a relationship would be difficult. It will be more difficult for you than your average guy, but for the average guy, its not that hard to begin with. You have it in your head that I'm twenty-whatever, and I should have done this and this and this, and I should be comftorable doing that and that and that. But the reality is, that you havn't done this, and your not comftorable doing that
  5. It can be tough sticking to a strict diet, but having some AWESOME tasting chocolate after your meal, that you can eat with no regrets, can go a LONG ways to keeping you off of the bad sweets. This chocolate only takes a few minutes to make. Here's what you need: 1)Non-sweetened bakers chocolate (found at grocery store) 2)Extra Virgin coconut oil (found at GNC or vitamin/supplement store) 3)Sea salt (found at health food store) 4) Stevia Extract powder (found at health food store) 5) lemon
  6. Im glad my girlfriend didnt follow these stupid rules that I MYSELF was following.. trying not to appear to interested, too needy, etc etc. I can't tell her I care about her, or that she's amazing, because we've only known each other a few weeks? I think its all a bunch of bullshit. I'm so glad SHE didn't follow these stupid "timelines" otherwise I wouldn't be with the most amazing girl Ive ever met. She took the initiative letting me know she was interested, when I didnt have a clue, and she l
  7. On a side note, I been listening to this track all day long. Check it out if you guys have time http://youtu.be/tyLaotnmXKI Amazing song, thanks for sharing it
  8. First the celery in the punani, then this.. Dude, you are a comedian! LMAO.. man, thanks for making my night lol
  9. So what is the majority opinion on high omega 6 intake? If I eat mainly chicken drum sticks and thighs as opposed to lean chicken breast, and ground turkey, as opposed to 99% lean ground turkey, I could quickly add weight. Not to mention the lower fat meats generaly cost a bit more money too. If I switch to these fatty meats, as well as add 3-4 tbs of extra virgin olive oil per day, that would give me my extra 600-700 calories that I'm looking for. So this wouldn't affect my skin whatsoever? Sat
  10. I was always under the impression that saturated fats caused acne.. so this isnt true? Ive always eaten LEAN chicken, tuna, and egg whites as my main source of protein along with vegetables and some fruit. So obviouslt little to no fat. So chicken fat would be a good source then? I already take cod liver oil. I'm mainly just looking to add like 600-700 calories a day cause Im a skinny lil you know what. I'm so mad right now that I might be breaking out due to the flaxseeds.. uhhh
  11. I need to add some fat to my diet, I'm not getting nearly enough. It makes working out suck cause I can't put on any weight, therefore I can't put on any muscle. From what Ive read, extra virgin olive oil and flax seeds are two of the best sources of fat. My question is which one of these fats is least likely to cause me to break out? Ive been eating roughly 16 tbs of flax seed (whole seeds) per day (= to roughly 760 calories) on top of my regular diet. Ive been doing this for about the last 10
  12. I don't mind ones on the sides of my forehead tooo much, cause they generally don't scar. And the ones in my beard area generally don't either, and they are less visible obviously. I HATE anything on my cheeks cause they almost ALWAYS scar. Ones between the eye browels probably look the worst, but anything on or near my lip line PISSES me off haha. Thankfully I rarely ever get those anymore.
  13. I have a younger brother (same parents) who has near flawless skin. He eats crap takeout food and doesn't wash his face/body more than once a day, if that. I, on the other hand, wash my face 2x a day, eat a SUPER strict diet, am 5 years older than him, and still get plenty of pimples. Genetics are a funny, annoying thing, to say the least.
  14. Haha, thanks I wouldn't go that far though, besides Scott C has no game has a certain ring to it
  15. That's awesome man. I can tell you've been reading a lot on pickup. My friend introduced me to this book called "The Game" by Neil Strauss. HB 10 and "I'm the prize...not her" is mystery method all the way. Haha, I read every now and again. I'm not trying to be a PUA, just a better man.