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  1. After read you story I'm scared to get a subcission. @Ivan_070703 any updates?
  2. With "Skin Grafts" it means Fat Grafts?
  3. Painful is not a problem, my sufferance is the scars. As i sad, i talked with a surgeon and he suggest subscisions + grafts fat (which it will cost me 5000€, but i don't care) and I should to repeat the treatment 2 or 3 times, but compared to fillers the result is permanent.
  4. I know i have to repeat the treatment at least for 3 times, but after that i knew that that result was permanent
  5. Two last questions: 1) Will the fat adhere or it only refill but no homogeneous? 2) Will stem cells helps even if the scars are old?
  6. Someone can answer me about this?
  7. In this case is better subscision + fat graft than subscision + filler? Also, the grafts fat will stick adherent to the skin or soft?
  8. Ok i'm gonna make appointment, I wrote him yesterday on Instagram but for some reason the account is not active anymore. I was in doubt between him and Dr. Chu.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm Antonio and I'm from Italy. I finally decided to fix my scars which affect my self esteem. I had aggressive acne since 2010 e cured it about in 2013. I made two laser Fraxel and several peelings in 2014 e 2015 and and the last year an incompetent doctor tried to cure me by injecting me with collagen only. I would like to permanently improve my scars, which look horrible under some lights, disfiguring my face. I have little knowledge so I hope you can h
  10. But the result it is permanent? Or you have to repeat the treatment every year?
  11. Is it a permanent result or you have to do subscission + filler every year?