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    I like doing a lot as being a teenager, here are some of the things i enjoy!<br />dancing, dirt biking, going to the movies, music, being outside, dancing in the rain, playing video games, paint balling, baseball games, playing softball, writing, eating food, being with my friends, goofin off, laughing, smiling, shopping, buying new shower products, making photography and videos, sleeping, collecting magazine ads, looking at mags, doing random things with my friends, cleaning, reading books, knitting, making lists, chewing gum, and yeah.. lots of stuff!

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  1. hi, i just read your post about going to a water park w/o makeup and i think you are so incredibly brave :) i am going through a similar thing but i don't think i could go sans makeup haha :)

    you are so naturally beautiful w/ or w/o acne!

  2. I have under the skin bumps all over that never seem to go away with anything that i do. Ive used ACV on my face- but i have never drank it before, do you think drinking ACV will help with the under the skin bumps? Even while im on accutane at the moment? Also- how bad were your red marks? I have them all over and i cant find a way to shrink them or get rid of them, did the Pepto Bismol mask really work to get rid of them for you?
  3. Somewhere almost half way through the second month. Lol. Wellll not TOO much difference.. actually i havent seen any. But my friend said something to me today. So i dont know... We will seeeee!
  4. Yeahh I had to wait 3 months because of (1) my dermatologist is a r-tard. (2) that darn iPledge!! Now my side effects were doubled due to taking twice the dosage I was suppose to be taking 40g(one pill a day) and instead i was taking 80mg(two a day). Which wouldnt of happened if my Derm would of spent more time telling me about ACCUTANE instead of constantly lecturing me on DONT GET PREGNANT. Uggh i cant stand my Derm and his asssistants! ( But yeah now that im lowered down to 40mg im doing muc
  5. Day 17 Yayyy! Already half way through my FIRST month ((: Okkayy, so a little update here. My skin looks about the same, no changes, except for that cyst thing on my right cheek that looks like a marble is underneath it or something, yeah for some reason its starting to fill up with blood. :// No fun! My lips continue to dry out, though they become worse every day or so. My hips, and ankles hurt when i walk or stand. I guess due to the joints? Right now ive developed like a cold or flu symptom
  6. I plan on it! =D Haha, im trying to keep a good attitude on the whole treatment because it does no good sulking about it. Plus, these are the final weeks/months(hopefully!) of all this acne trouble, so of course im happy! Its my way of saying Gooodbyeee Acneee, Helloooo Clearrr SarahKateee <3
  7. DAY 13 Okayy. So ive almost been on Accutane for 2 weeks! Wooow im excited. Well the first day, maybe it was a coincidence. But i noticed it already starting to push out crap on my face. I thought it would get worse than what i have now, but who knows.. maybe thatll happen soon enough. So like i made a mistake, for the first like 10 days i was taking 2 a day, and i finally realized i was only suppose to take ONE a day. I mean i hope they dont take me off of it because of that, but its going to s
  8. Sooo. Yesterday i got Accutane. After more than 3 months of waiting. Today, i took it for my first time. I am so excited, because finally i get to start it and get it over with. ((: I am currently on 40 mg, twice a day. And my acne is mostly under the skin bumps all over, and redmarks along with the occasional real pimple. I used to get acne on my back, but thats gone away now and under control, as well as my chest(which is under control as well). As time goes on i will keep pictures of my pro
  9. Haha yeah i know i am pretty excited to get it done and over with! I start August 21st so im very happy about that :DD

  10. Sorry to read your new topic. I had a lot days like that. It's good to hear that you'll be starting accutane soon though! I'm sure that that'll clear you up for good. Good luck!

  11. Hi Sarah Kate, yeah I figured out that that was your name but it took me wel over four hours...lol jk. Mind if I call you Sarah for short? I'm sure you get asked that a lot lol.

  12. Haha yeah it cut your first comment to me off as well! I have no idea how to look at the rest if you can xP And lucky for you, i forgot what i had said after that hahaha

    Well then.. Aloha Eric! I am.. well(if you can guess this one) Sarah Kate


  13. I'm Eric by the way, not Borat...just incase I fooled you lol jk.

  14. That's great! I didn't get any part of the message after you said that if you go on a second date that you'll tell him about your acne though. Is there a way that I can drag down the message box so that I can read the rest?

  15. Oooh thank you very very much! This helps a bunch ((: