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  1. Ranger, your skin looks REALLY great after Accutane. I'm so glad it worked for you. I didn't look through all of the posts, so sorry if you've already stated this, but what were you on before Accutane?
  2. I've had acne/pimples since I was 9, so I thought I knew how to treat all of it, but I don't know what the heck this is. Parts of my cheeks have an almost rash like redness. It swells up and turns deep red after washing, and I loathe it. A few hours after I washed it, it'll go down slightly and turn a little less red and be a combination of purple and red. It's hard to explain-it affects like the center part of the cheek: from ear just short of reaching my nose, in a straight line on each
  3. Don't forget there's usually an initial breakout with Retin-A - things get worse before they get better. How long were you using it for? I broke out for the first month or so, but after that saw drastic improvements. It was bad at first but well worth persevering. Hope you find something that helps, it's hard to advise on the handwash without knowing the ingredients, but would guess it contains a foaming agent such as sodium lauryl sulfate which is bad for acne.
  4. Hasn't happened yet. I'm 17, almost 18. I haven't really had any thought on it or interest. That, and my skin currently has the texture of sand paper (yay, closed comedones), so it's not very ideal, but I'm pretty apathetic on the whole matter. Lol, some of these stories really made me laugh. Seems some of the people being given their first kiss were kissed by people who, despite their experience, were very clumsy.
  5. Ok, here is Laura's Regimen for noninflamed acne: http://www.acne.org/non-inflamed-acne-regimen.html It is only meant for those who mostly have noninflamed acne. If you are prone to getting a lot of inflamed pimples too, then you probably need a slightly different regimen than this one.
  6. I'm 17, so I don't think I have rosacea, and no one in my family has it. It's been three weeks since I've been off Retin-A. Those darn little bumps have been around for about a month now. My derm. insists that he wants to put me back on it, but I'm starting to think he's being stupid. Sure, I can try the regimen. I'll try virtually anything.
  7. I had redness before Retin-A, but the Retin-A made it worse because I still got pimples that turned bright red after washing. It also gave me the tiny weird bumps. The tiny bumps are skin colored, and hard. They're only a few millimeters apart and they are all over. They haven't gone away in over a month. I have more whiteheads than pimples as of this moment, but I have about 10-13 pustules/papules at the moment that are inflamed. I quit taking Retin-A, but it's bad effect is lasting. I qu
  8. My skin is pretty much horrible as of right now, and I don't know what to do, or what I have (what my skin problem is, I mean). My skin turns beet red after being washed and stays that way for hours. There are a lot of slightly elevated oval shaped (sort of) red marks on my skin that get pustule-like on and off. That used to be my main problem, but now ALL of my skin, to the touch and looks like, a bunch of miniature bumps all over my cheeks, forehead, and as of this morning, chin. Touching
  9. I don't know what this is. I went to the dermatologist because I had pimples that were pretty severe, and then he gave me a Retin-A 0.025%. I had Retin-A 0.01%, which did nothing but make me go red. After I got Retin-A 0.025%, I was redder than ever. Then a few weeks into using 0.025%, my forehead, prior to which rarely ever got pimples, broke out wildly with tons of tiny little bumps all over my forehead. A month later, they are still there. My face puffs up red at the slightest touch (m
  10. My skin is awful today. Puffy, red, itchy, rash like patches all over my skin, loaded with acne between the cracking and flakes, all over my cheeks and forehead. I'm currently trying to avoid looking into any reflective surface or mirror because if I do, I'll break down. I'm tired constantly and I never have any energy because I can't stand how awful my skin looks. So I went to the dermatologist today because he wanted me in due to bruising from minocyclene. I've been taking it with Retin-A
  11. My dad spoke to a pharmacist today and asked him about DIM. He never heard of it ever, and when he pulled out this gigantic book about non-prescription medicines, it wasn't in there. ;; I'm just scared of side effects! Long (or long for this thread) time users, what have been the bad side effects, and how much are you taking that is keeping your acne away? Would you recommend DIM based on the results you've gotten. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated.
  12. Ah, no, I looked up on drugs.com and one of the side effects is easy bruising, and anyone should quit taking it if that occurs. Already did that. :D Yay. I don't mind, didn't work anyways.
  13. Ugh. If a guy wouldn't want to be with me because I have acne, I wouldn't want to be with someone so shallow and cruel. His loss, and I'd avoid someone not worth my time. My dad had the worst acne I ever heard of. His face didn't look so much like pizza, though, more like raw, ground hamburger (very extremely severe). He got tons of girls, though. They didn't care, and he ended up with my mom, (she, too, had acne, btw. Didn't matter at all, she was constantly getting looks, etc. from gu
  14. I have said quite a few men are adorable and cute. No insult was taken. My dad has even said he learned to always like it when a girl said he was cute, because it basically just means they find him attractive. It's kind of nitpicking to say that a 'manlier' comment would be more appropriate. :\ No, OP, you're not ugly. There's nothing wrong with you physically. It's just that self-esteem that is seriously a problem.