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  1. @Shelly12H, I have done blunt cannula before with absolutely no complications but also minimal results. I think maybe subcision is no longer the way to go for me. But yes, after this terrible experience with Nokor subcision I will not be repeating the process. @urbanite, I gone through Mr. Matt thread, he did get a Cortisone, I recalled he said it did nothing initially but the nodules went away after two months; it could be a delayed reaction to the Cortisone. Does anyone know w
  2. Thanks acnescarcure Bumping this to see if anyone had a similar experience
  3. Kenalog and cortisone are the same thing Do you remember the dosage that the doc injected? Also did the small indent eventually go away?
  4. Hi all, I had subcision done with a 18G nokor needle around 4.5 months ago. It left this huge lump on my cheek (see pic) that has persisted up to this day. It sticks out about a quarter of an inch and is very prominent under certain lightning. No filler was used. I am seriously considering getting a kenalog shot but it scares me also because of the risk of atrophy and hypo-pigmentation. After all, the whole point of subcision was the correct my atrophic scars. Yet, the lump
  5. Thanks for those insights So 2.5mg/ml would be considered a conservative dose or would it be overkill for a lump? My lumps are about the size of an acne cyst. They are not red or inflamed though. The best way for me to describe them is that they are raised and rubbery, looks like cysts but no inflammation or pain.
  6. Yeah it is really disheartening to get these treatments to improve your skin but ends up making things worst and creating another problem I am really hesitation to get steroid injections because I read horror stories about it leaving an indentation in the skin and causing discoloration. I already have atrophic acne scars so the risk of getting more holes is not good. On the other hand, the lumps are really obvious (I even consider them disfiguring) and I really want to do something abo
  7. Hi there, Not great, it has been 4.5 months and the lumps are still there Seriously regretting doing nokor subcision Considering getting kenalog to reduce the lump but worried about its side effects!
  8. Hey Acnescarcure, it is very hard for me to say because in place of the scar and indentation, there are now lumps from the subcision. Both causes irregularities in the face, which is not good. I believe the optimal outcome is for our complexion to be smooth. I am hoping that the lumps will resolve with time and will post pics further down the road. For now, I am trying not to look too much at my face because it is taking a mental toll. I would say again that Nokor subcis
  9. Hi Perservering, Just saw your post, not sure if you will visit these forums but I thought I tried my luck anyway. I had aggressive Nokor subcision done about 7 weeks ago and have a large bump on my left cheek that looks very similar to the one in your pic. Needless to say, it has gotten me very worried as it is protruding out and rather prominent. Could you update on whether your lump eventually resolve and did you do anything to get rid of it? Thanks!
  10. Hey Miro, It has been about 7 weeks, the lumps are still there. The huge one of my left cheek is still very prominent. I think it is softening a bit though, but it is really hard to tell because I am looking at it and feeling it daily. I have about three lumps on my right cheek, one of which has definitely come down and is softer. It's still there, but it is subsided. The other two is still bothering me. Still regretted doing this Nokor subcision, I honestly don't think it d
  11. No worries Urbanite, happy to share what I know. Have a question for you on microneedling, you mentioned that in 2017 you had Skinpen your left temple and were not happy with the results. In particular, the tethered areas seemed to get deeper, while the surrounding healthy skin got puffier. Would appreciate if you could share: - whether the skin you micro-needled over returned to normal eventually - what was the depth of microneedling and was any serum (e.g. hyaluronic acid
  12. Hi Urbantie, Unfortunately, the doctor who did the nokor subcision was rather defensive and I couldn't get much straight answers from him. I saw some of your older posts where you described you have lumpiness from incorrectly placed fillers. From your pictures, I see similarities between my new scars and yours. As in, the lumpiness actually makes the surface of the skin even more uneven and causes the adjacent scars to become more obvious. Now, from my layman's understandi
  13. Hi Y2J97, Do note that subcision is generally a well-tolerated procedure, a number of members on this forum has seen good improvements from it. The thing about acne and scarring is that everyone's skin and body chemistry is so different, the holy grail treatment for one person could be the bane for another. I would add that subcision is very skill dependent i.e. it has more to do with the expertise of the surgeon doing it than anything else. This is very different compared to lase
  14. Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of updates, I had to stay away from these forums for a while for the sake of my sanity. It has been roughly four and a half weeks. The bad news is that those lumps and nodules from the nokor subcision are still there. Those on my left cheek in the pics which I had massaged are still prominent. Now for the good news. Those lumps on my right cheek, which I did not touch, message or apply any compress, are softening. There are still there, but compared to
  15. Hi Superburrito, My layman's understanding of hematomas are that they are a collection of coagulated blood just under the skin's surface, and theoretically, the body will slowly drain away this blood as the original wound heals. Juvederm on the other hand is a filler, it is man-made and very rarely, the body might see it as a foreign substance and reject it, hence triggering a allergic reaction. So i think hematomas are different from fillers, but yes, a few other folks have als