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  1. Hey everyone, The area that is red does not have any little bumps at all, and doesn't burn when applying lotion. I've researched perioral dermtitis and I don't really believe that is what I have. The past week I have been applying Vaseline to the area and have been avoiding exfoliating the area when I do and it seems to be helping. The area still has a hue of pink to it but it is much less noticable. I'm hoping it will continue to improve. If it doesn't, I'm going to see what I can do
  2. Hi! I've been viewing posts on this board for several months hoping someone would post about an issue similiar to mine. I'm a 23yo female and I have been suffering from a persistant redness around the corners of my mouth. It almost looks like paranthesis on the out side of my mouth. It started about 7 months ago. I've researched everything possible trying to figure out what it may be. The skin is constantly pinkish, and gets worse after a shower or when I've been out in the cold. The area