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  1. Does anyone know if you can do the baking soda and vinegar and the egg/lemon mask all at night? I just don't have time to do it in the morning. I can wash with a gentle cleanser in the morning, but I wanted to know if I can do the rest all at night. Please someone help!!
  2. I also like Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil. I put that on my face (very little bit) right after my toner and then I put on my make-up. My nose is the place where I get the most oil and shine, so after my make-up I put Clinac O.C. oil control gel right on my nose. The combination of the normalizing day oil and the clinac is amazing. I'm not shiny or oily at all throughout the day. I've tried so many things, and this seems to be the winner!
  3. blue eyez...I take it alone...no birth control with it because of my migraines. I started out at 50 mgs but my derm just upped it to 100 mgs because I was still getting a few cysts around my period, but nothing like I did when I was not on the spiro. I'll see how the 100 mgs. works...I have a feeling it's going to be great! So far, so good...I'll keep you posted
  4. I've been on Aldactone (spiro) since July. I started at 50mgs. and now I'm up to 100mgs. I used to get 4-5 cysts on my chin and cheeks right before my period, and since I've been on the spiro, I think I have had 2 altogether. It's so much better now. My skin is sooo much clearer since being on the spiro. I had a choice of either going on Yasmin or spiro, and since I get really bad migraines, my derm and I decided to go with the spiro. It doesn't seem to make my migraines worse at all. Doe
  5. I'm not sure about the blood test, but I have horrible hormonal acne and usually you can tell if you get those under the skin pimples, the big red bumps, around your chin and jaw line right around your period. I take Aldactone now and it's so much better.
  6. I want to use a lactic acid peel...does anyone know a good one to buy and what ph level I should use???
  7. if you're a girl, then it may be hormonal acne. Are they the under the skin pimples???
  8. What about aldactone instead of accutane?? I'm on that right now and it's supposed to have little or no side effects. So far, I've had no side effects from it and my hormonal cystic acne has cleared up amazingly. I think it's mainly for hormonal acne though, so if this is not what you suffer from, then maybe it's not for you. Just thought I'd mention it!
  9. I've been reading a lot about these products from perfectcomplexion.net and it sounded really interesting...just wondering if anyone has heard of this or has used it ,and if so, how are these products??? Thanks!
  10. botchla's regimen is using clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub (with salicylic acid) and clean and clear continuous control acne cleanser (with benzoyl peroxide) right after the blackhead scrub...the idea is that using the salicylic acid product in combination with the benzoyl peroxide wash is a very effective way to get rid of and prevent acne...Aldactone is a prescription drug that is supposed to also clear you of hormonal acne which is what i get...
  11. I'm not sure about it being for women only...and I believe you do have to get it through a prescription. I hope you don't have to wait 3 months. I wish you luck...
  12. I started using Botchla's regimen on July 1st and Aldactone a little over two weeks ago. I usually have cystic acne, especially during my period. Since using this combination, I haven't had one new cyst breakout. My skin hasn't looked this clear in what seems like forever!! I'll keep you posted, but for now, I am a happy camper!!!
  13. My skin is looking so clear since I started Aldactone and botchla's regimen!!! I'm assuming it's the combination, but whatever it is, I am so happy!!
  14. has anyone here tried botchla's regimen..that seems to be working for me really well...just thought i'd mention it!
  15. I really am very happy with this regimen so far. I have been using it since July1 and I have really seen an improvement with my skin. I love both the SA and the BP washes. I use the SA in the morning and night and the BP only at night. I'm not dry at all. I'll have to see how I do when I get my period next month because that's when I break out the worst, hormonal acne on my chin, those under the skin awful painful bumps. Since I've been using Botchla's regimen, i haven't had any cystic acn