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  1. Definitely looks like an improvement. I take it you're wearing a mask all day working? Could be, in part, a reason things are still an issue. What type of mask do you use? One consideration would be to ask your dr for a topical antibiotic. Have you tried clindamycin? What exactly do you use to shave?
  2. There are many products available of low to high doages. I dont know the dosage of the patches...however, used throughout evening and nightly could be of help. Basically, depending on your schedule If you dont want to use the patches, you could consult a compounding pharmacy regarding salicylic acid put into a noncomedogenic base (I use versa base lotion). You could start low at a 2% , 3% or 4% and go from there. I can now use 15% without issue. It has helped with redness. If you ge
  3. Hi...have you tried salicylic acid? I don't use otc products...I get it compounded from a pharmacy. I have 4% and a 15%...compounded in Versa Base lotion with NO emulsifiers. If you are going to try it...start with a 4%. Only get a 30g size at a time. It's expensive, however...but worth it. What are you using as a cleanser?
  4. Hi...you could try to use hydrocolloid patches. Or try urea or salicylic acid in higher dosages.