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  1. How many % af Zinc oxide? I found one product with 12,5% of Zinc Oxide. It is enough? Simon.
  2. Thanks. I'm in week 3 now, and it helps a little. I use this: Every morning: Cleanser, Treatment and AHA. Evening: AHA and sometimes Treatment too. Is that okay?
  3. Okay fine. Why must I use a sunscreen? I take sun some times, and it helps at little. :s "Sorry my bad english"
  4. I use AHA two times a day to my shoulder is that too much?
  5. Hey all. I have purchased one tube of AHA, one tube of cleanser, and one tube of BP. I have big red pimples on my shoulder and my neck. I have used it for 1 week now I can't see big development. How long time does it takes to see big result? Hope some one have tried the same treatment. Simon.
  6. Hey all. I have acne AND acne scars on my back and chest. Now I have to try AHA, anyone has feedback of their experience about this? and how long time can it takes to be 100% free of acne and acne scars?
  7. Hi all. First I want to sorry my very very bad english, hope you understand. I have a big problem with acne on my chest and back. I think i both had acne but also acne scars I have postet 2 pictures, with my acne. I have tried pills called Erycin, and now i am on Tetracyklin. I have taken tetracyklin in 2 months now, and it doesn't work good! :S Anybody have had the same problem, and know a cream to treatment acne and acne scars on chest and back??
  8. Hello all. I have a BIG problem. I have acne on my shoulder, acne marks and scars on my breast. Do you know any good treatment? natrual maybe? (sorry my bad english) Simon.
  9. Hey all. I have a acne problem on my breast and shoulder, i am very sory about it. I ask for a king of make-up on a danish message board, and a woman tell me about a very good make-up called YOUNG BLOOD anyone have any experience about this produkt? Sorry my bad english
  10. Thanks for the good answer. I will loke at the link. Does Daktarin also remove the scars?
  11. In Denmark. I really hate it, and hope you can help me.
  12. Yes, there is a white "head" at the start of the "pimpel". Can I buy the produkt in normal chemist shops? (sorry my bad english)