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  1. (Note: as I’m typing this the sound of breathing heavily through my nose is almost interrupting my thoughts…Can’t really open mouth, almost feels wired shut my skin is so tight) Anyway, good luck to you. Differin didn’t really work for me. I used it at night w/ Dan’s BP in the morning. It didn’t make me a whole lot worse, but it just sort of mutated my skin from being one type of bad to another type…but enough of that, we want to think positive thoughts here! I don’t remember e
  2. Thanks for the welcome - you're too kind. Being that a whole 2 days have passed since my last post, there's not much to report on at all. That said, allow me to offer a few observations I've made since this whole Tazorac thing began. - It makes your skin so much more sensitive. Even the slightest touch on my face leaves me reddish and irritated. Though I suspect being paler than Caspar's ass has something to do with it. Also, it flakes so much easier. Even a mild gust of wind can cause you to
  3. Hello all. I've been a frequent lurker on this board, though haven't talked too much myself. (Not that I should have, per se, being that I'm still afflicted, but...). Today that changes - I've been inspired to record my own valiant struggle to rid my face of unsightly blemishes, this time with the help of Tazorac. First, some background. I'm 24. Up until about age 20 I just suffered from the occasional zit, though I was on Retin-A micro from about 16 to 20. Early sophomore year of college tho
  4. I'm about to start on tazorac at night and I'm supposed to wash in the mornings with a BP...do you have any recommendations about which cleanser to choose? Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm about to start down the Tazorac journey next Monday, so I was wondering what moisturizers you may have found that work well with it and aren't too irritating. According to Dan's reviews "Lac-Hydrin Five" is pretty damn good, but I know it has AHA in it. Is it probably going to be way too irritating to use a retinol like Tazorac with an AHA? Thanks alot for your help.
  6. After putting it off for 3 months - in between I tried the dip regimen, Jojoba oil, and doing nothing, all unfortunately to no avail - I've decided to give my derm's recommendation a try, Tazorac .05 gel. But, he also prescribed Benzac AC Wash 5 % in the morning. My insurance is pretty useless right now for anything short of a heart attack, so I'm thinking that there has to be something as basic as Benzac (which I think is just benzoyl peroxide) that I can buy for less than $60 over the the coun
  7. Hey guys. I'm wondering what your preferred picks are for sunscreen (on your face, in case it wasn't obvious). Right now all I use is water and jojoba oil, so I presume I'd put the sunscreen on after the oil. Anyway, I'd be most appreciative to get some reommendations/warnings on this. Thanks
  8. Correct on the cost; incorrect on the application and the benefits. You only apply a pea-sized amount of Green Cream. And since you have to start slowly with it to let your skin become accustomed to the retinol .... you only use GC once every 2 or 3 days when you're first starting out .... the first bottle generally lasts about 6 weeks. That's long enough to give you an excellent idea of whether or not it is working for you and is worth the money. GC is undeniably pricey ... but it really,
  9. i found the green cream link in the OTC forum, but would you mind explaining a little about its effects on your own skin, lion queen? and how your skin was before you tried it? i'm only 28, but the skin in my acne area (chin & around the mouth) looks terrible. this is due to damage from Proactiv, and later the CSR. the skin is thin, hyperpigmented (reddish/brownish), not supple, overly dry at the core, but too oily at the surface, painful to the touch, and covered in large pores)
  10. Totally agreed...I'd been using BP, amongst a wide variety of other chemicals on my face for the past 3 or 4 years...leaving me with relatively pimple-free skin, but also with a creepy, aged texture. Right now I find myself asking if the cure is worse than the symptoms, so (with the exception of infrequent spot treating), I've been BP free for almost a month now. I started doing Moojamba's dip regime, but found it overdrying, which of course didn't help my already aged-looking skin, with fine li
  11. Le Chiffre - While I acknowledge your right to your own opinion, along with it doesn't come entitlement to aggressively belittle others'. Aside from being hasty, your overconfident slandering of the Dip Regime is simply unfounded. For starters I fail to see how a treatment that calls for nothing more than water qualifies as a "quack" cure; do you see some sort of agenda here that slipped past the rest of us? I've been lurking around these boards for long enough to know that conspiracy theorie
  12. Yeh I'm currently in the midst of the Great Purge...trying to weather the storm though. I've been on this for about a week and a half...seeing mild overall improvement, but I'm usually so finicky with any change in products I never give it time and inevitably wind up going back to BP, so I'd like to really stick this one out. I figure even if I'm not that improved putting water on my face can't be any worse than massive amounts of chemicals. Not to mention, it's quick and easy, and kind of inter
  13. Please do keep us posted! Anyone for that matter... Also, just wondering, is it better to soak before showering? I figured the shower sort of "primes" the skin and loosens it up for the Real Deal...or should I be soaking before? Moojamba?