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  1. There's a great case study that shows the results of 1 sub+filler, then microneedling and TCA 15% peels alternating every two weeks for 6 months. There's more to it than just that, however, if you can find a good derm things like Skinpen should be relatively simple. My advice follow the case study as closely as possible with experienced hands. These treatments have limited invasiveness and great results. Be consistent. This course is relatively cheap.
  2. Accutane will do wonders for you man. Follow it religiously and take with fat. Red marks can be treated with topicals and IPL after accutane. Those will typically result without any treatment as well.
  3. Not always. Most have persistent PIE, however, it is suppose to resolve between 6-12 months--this is not always true and I would get treatment (topicals or IPL) after 6 months. Plus you asked how you get rid of it, that is how.
  4. 3-6 is the general recommendation. you need to treat scar type though, it's not all about just one procedure. TCA cross for the icepicks. Case studies have been done showing the massive improvement of sub+fill, with microneedling and TCA peels alternating every 2 weeks. Look it up here on acne.org.
  5. Great results for your first sub. A couple more and then you can focus on texture. Make sure acne is under control going forward though so you are not chasing the problem.
  6. I would go on accutane. This will regulate the sebaceous gland. Meaning permanently reducing the oil and acne on your skin.
  7. I would speak to your dermatologist immediately. Accutane probably has caused an initial flair up for whatever this is. They would be best able to give you something for it to subside.
  8. Redness is not Hyper-pigmentation. His mostly looks like PIE. This can be helped by sessions of v beam or IPL to get rid of the redness.
  9. Hey guys, I'm on what's suppose to be my 5th and final month of accutane. Only problem is I think I might have been underdosed. I weighed 190lbs at the start of treatment (now 180) and my cumulative dosage ended up being 118mg. I know the recommended is 120-125 so I'm wondering if I should go another month. Haven't broken out in 2 months do get the odd pimple. Dosage below. 190lbs M1- 40 M2- 40 M3- 80 M4- 80 M5- 100 Please let me know